9 Useful Tips To Restore Your Computers Speed

Have you noticed your computer being slower then usual (or well when new?). Follow these 8 tips to get your computer back to its normal speed.

1. Remove old and unwanted applications. If you don’t use them they will clutter up your system and serve no real purpose.

2. Remove old/unused files. Transfer your files you never use to a external hard drive, or to a flash drive. This also helps reduce clutter, and free up your hard disk.

3. Download, and run CCleaner (including the registry scanner). This will remove files you never knew where there but serve no purpose. Redo this weekly or monthly. Be careful though, don’t select everything as you may accidentally remove something you may need. (Thats not saying though CCleaner is not safe).

4. Google your startup items (found in CCleaner), and remove/delete them with CCleaner (the ones you feel you don’t need). As less things running on your computer at startup is good as its faster, plus it doesn’t eat up your computers resources.

5. Scan your computer with a well known antivirus AND antimalware program. To ensure no malware/virus is intentionally slowing down your computer.

6. Defragment (if you haven’t done this in a while or ever it could take a while). It puts all the files into a single space on your hard drive so that they can be easily and faster found. Use this only once a month to prevent over doing it.

Note: This does not apply to the newer solid state drives, and flash drives as they have no moving parts.

7. Install more memory. More memory means more space for your newer then original needs.

8. Restart your computer daily. Regardless of operating system. This helps clear out your system and allows everything to be refreshed to fix any delay due to to many background tasks.

9. Buy and install a new graphics cards (desktops only) this allows your computer to do your new tasks faster. Check your power supply and motherboard to see what you can upgrade to.

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