Marshmallow Easter Egg Android Secret Feature – The Flappy Bird

Do you know something about Easter Egg and Do you know what is “Marshmallow Easter egg android secret features” if your answer is not then don’t be worried because you are landed on right page and we will tell you something interesting about android flappy bird easter egg and about Easter first lemme discussed about what is actually Easter egg So you will understand better about the topic I am going to discuss android marshmallow secrets.


Easter egg is pre-planned jokes, hidden messages, and secret features  which are found in video games ,DVD menu,computer application,smartphones and in many more objects just for fun. Now if you want to know about the Easter egg I mean hidden features in video games then read this post by bussinessinder 14 Of The Coolest Video Game Easter Eggs In The World .We just want to clear your concept about Easter eggs so We hope after reading above link post you will understand better about Easter eggs and android 6 easter egg. Now we will go to move toward the actual topic.

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As you know well about Easter eggs So as the android smartphone release their new version they will also bring a lot of new and well-advanced features and they also release some Easter eggs like google release the first Easter egg in android version 2.3 Gingerbread have the hidden feature – A zombie painting. similarly, with the consecutive updates of their new versions they must release some of their easter eggs as that android 4.4 KitKat have the Easter egg – A spinning K, then Android logo, then Windows Phone gstyle page with small tiles .Now with release of their recently android version 5.0 lollipop and android version 6.0 they both have the same  easter egg called flappy bird game but that of marshmallow have some new design in their backgrounds So as this post is about Marshmallow easter egg so I am going to discuss something about this game which we really found to be fun full and also to be the hardest game I played ever.So firstly I am gonna discuss the method to finding this game or revealed this trick.


So the Easter egg found in marshmallow android device is flappy bird game and here is the procedure to finding this game:

Step 1:

Go to setting in your smartphone or you can go to setting directly by sliding down the upper menu bar in android device.

Step 2:

So you are now in the setting menu of your device  Now the next step is to look for “about device” in the setting menu you can find “about device” option usually by sliding down in the setting menu while in some other android smartphone we observed that the “about device” option is in another tab. So don’t be frustrated you can find this option very easily and also take the help of below picture.

Step 3:

After you are broken into about device option you will now see many other features like device name,status ,android version and much more But we are now concerned only with android version option. Now here is the hidden Easter Egg for which we are looking. Now in next step, we will tell you how to open.

Step 4:

After you find the android version option then click on it several times consecutively then an “M” shape logo will appear in a circle of different colors.

Step 5:

Now the next step is to click on that “M” shaped logo then a “droid” shape logo will appear in the circle.

Step 6:

In order to open the game click on that “droid” shape logo several times and then hold your finger upon the droid shape logo for a few while do this both process at the same time and the Flappy bird game will be opened So marshmallow easter egg android is revealed here.

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Step 7:

Tap on the play icon and the game will start after counting till 3.


In this game, the player tries to protect the Android logo from the barriers which are droid shape and also stop the android logo to be fall to the ground in case if the player fail to protect the android logo from falling and barriers then the game will be over . While playing this game we noticed that after every try the player makes the background scenery change like in background there are sometimes mountains and sometimes desert even barriers and android logo can change their colors . These game also provide you to play in multiplayer mode in which you can add up to six players but it’s even very hard to play in single mode while the multiplayer mode seems to be impossible to play as I tried it in the below video you can switch it to multiplayer mode by clicking on the plus icon on the top of game.


You can also watch this video if you have difficulty in finding marshmallow easter egg android and you will also learn how to play this game.

we hope you people will find these Marshmallow easter egg android secret game  So play these game and then comment your high score below my high score while playing these game is the only 3. Thanks for reading these.

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