Use ReadyBoost Windows 10 To Speed Up Your PC

So why we use ReadyBoost windows 10? So the answer is quite simple, and the following: Windows 10 work very well and fast on many operating systems which have high RAM and other specifications. But sometimes we have PC,s with low quality which cannot support the huge window 10 but though as per on our interest we install it and then when we use our computer it works very slow and irritating. If same is the issue with you, then don,t worry because in this article we will going to discuss all about how to speed up your PC using ReadyBoost.


ReadyBoost is a disk caching software which is developed by Microsoft and first ever release for windows vista, but later it is also included in the latest version of Windows operating system.

It works in a fascinating way and accelerates the windows and here is how it works.Whenever computer works, it made some temporary files and this files control normal operation of PC. This type of temporary files is called cache files. This data are also created in your browser like whenever you people visit this page at the first time it took plenty of time to load this page. But when you visit this page again it took little time as compared to the first one so the myth behind this is that when you first visit this page then your browser save some of the files on this page as a cache files so when you people visit this page again then your browser doesn’t need to download that pre-saved pages and hence at second time the page load faster. In this way, the browser saves your time and also data.

Same is the case with a computer when you visit some particular path like Games folder then at first time your PC took the time to load that path but when your PC saves that path as a cache then at the second time it loads faster and easier. But cache disk size is small now if we use ReadyBoost as a cache drive then the size of ReadyBoost USB is enormous as compared to the actual size of cache drive.

Then lot of cache files can be saved in the ReadyBoost and another feature is that when we use pen drive as a ReadyBoost then the data transferring and receiving power of USB pen drive is very faster and it receives and move data very faster so when we use it as a cache drive the cache files also receive and transfer very fast, and thus ReadyBoost Windows 10 make your computer faster. You can also use ReadyBoost alternatives to speed up your PC.

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The following conditions must be meet before trying ReadyBoost windows 10:

  1. The size of the USB Flash Drive must be 256 MB or greater than 256 MB.
  2. The USB Flash Drive must have an access time of 1 ms or less.
  3. The USB Flash Drive must be capable of 2.5 MB/s read speeds for 4 kB random reads spread uniformly across the entire device, and 1.75 MB/s write speeds for 512 kB random writes spread uniformly across the instrument.
  4. It supports Windows Vista and later latest versions of Microsoft operating system.
  5. ReadyBoost for Vista supports NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 from service pack 1.
  6. Windows 7 supports all of Vista’s formats as well as the newer exFAT file system.
  7. For better working format your storage device in NTFS or exFAT than FAT32 and FAT16 because FAT32 only stores a limited amount of 4 GB and FAT16 stores 2 GB.
  8. If the system drive is a solid-state drive (SSD), ReadyBoost is disabled, since reading from that drive would be at least as fast as reading from the ReadyBoost drive.
  9. USB Flash Drive must be USB 2.0 and over.

If the ReadyBoost tab missing in Windows 10, then your USB is below 2.0 or read this article.

Readyboost tab missing

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To enable ReadyBoost Windows 10 use the following steps:

Step 1:

Go to the Properties of the device connected to PC (USB) by right clicking and select the ReadyBoost tab. Windows will then perform some tests to determine whether or not your device is compatible with ReadyBoost. If it is not supported, you’ll see a message saying “This device cannot be used for ReadyBoost.” You may also see this message if your computer has an SSD in it because when you couple an SSD along with SuperFetch, it will already outperform ReadyBoost.

windows ReadyBoost gaming


Step 2:

If your device is compatible, select the ReadyBoost tab, and choose the “Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost” or “Use this device”  option.But before Choosing the above option must select the size you want to dedicate to the ReadyBoost boost by just moving the cursor. For best ReadyBoost performance it is recommended to dedicate the whole volume.

ReadyBoost flash drive

Step 3:

Then click “APPLY” and “OK” and ReadyBoost will configure the device and will create a disk cache file called “ReadyBoost.sfcache” in the root of the flash drive.


To disable ReadyBoost just follow the above step but in step 2 choose the following option “Do not use this device” and then tap “APPLY” and “OK.”In this way, the ReadyBoost will become disabled, and the  “ReadyBoost.sfcache” will be automatically deleted. You can also use this method for ReadyBoost windows 7.


As the primary function of Pen drive is not to receive or transmit the data faster so if you use the pen drive as ReadyBoost for a long time, then your pen drive will become stop working because there is a significant difference between pen drive and RAM.The RAM is specially designed to receive and transmit the data faster, so it is recommended to use it for temporary works however your pen drive will stop working.

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Beside of these, I will show you two more tips which will boost your PC performance:

TIP 1:

Press ” Window + R ” key at the same time the dialogue box will open and then type in dialogue box ” %temp% ” and delete all the files which can be deleted and also delete them from recycle bin.

TIP 2:

Repeat the same above steps but this time type in dialogue box “Prefetch” and delete all the files.

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Watch this video for better understanding:

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