Top 10 Methods To Root Android Without PC

Root Android without PC is a major question trending over the Android user.Most of us heard about rooting android and if the answer is not.So not a matter in this article we will overcome all the topics related to Android rooting.In this article, I will come up with best android software which will root our Android just with one click.Some of this app I have self-experimented like iroot ,towel root using my Qmobile.

Developers tried their best to introduce this useful app I will share all of the methods to use that app descriptively.Before Rooting our Android, we will go to discuss what is android rooting,their advantages and also disadvantages and the important things which we should do before rooting android.


Android is an Operating System, by default does not give us Administrative rights for our device.Administrative rights means we can change or edit or delete any files in Android operating system, in the main directory.So after rooting Android, we have gained full access to administrative rights so that we can easily edit boot screen, install custom ROMs, Linux operating system and much more.After jailbreaking our Android without PC or computer, we will also install some of the best-rooted apps which we cannot install without rooting.There are thousands of methods with the help of which we can root our Android without PC, but I shared the top 10 methods which are quite easy, and a kid will also jailbreak his android just following the method I shared Root android without pc.

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Some of their advantages are given below which will leave you dumb, and you cannot control yourself without rooting android

  • We will be able to fully customize our android themes,battery icons, boot screen,system files and applications using some of the amazing apps supported by rooted Android phones this will also allow you to backup your entire data to external USB or memory card so if you lose the data you can easily recover them.
  • This is the most powerful feature of “rooted” phones. ROMs will give your android completely new look and optimized their performance.This ROMs will be only installed if your phone is rooted.The most popular Android ROMs are
  1. Cyanogenmod
  2. Paranoid Android
  3. Omnirom
  4. Miui
  • Rooting Android will blow your CPU, which will allow you to run your Android faster by overclocking CPU.There are some risks related to this action , one of them being that your phone’s life will decrease in some cases.
  • Most of the android users want to run some of the apps but due to unauthorized they cannot install.So this will be install only when you root android using no  pc using our methods.Like Superuser which can be installed when you phone is rooted.
  • When you installed an app from play store this app will be stored in phone memory .While most android phones have usually storage of 3gb and 4gb which is not enough to store high games and apps so with the help of rooted phone we can easily move apps from phone storage to SD card.
  • By rooting android you can easily hack games like subway surfer,temple run,contract killer and many more games due to which you are able to get coins,diamonds etc


There is always black for white similarly disadvantages for advantages nothing is perfect in this world.

  • Once you have rooted your phone then you would lose its warranty then now it’s your phone .
  • If you follow the steps exactly  then you should have no problem but if not then there might be the possibilities of bricking your phone during the process.But the good news is that it can be still fixed but require a lot of hard work in next article we will discuss these.


From the above discussion, we will get enough knowledge about rooting android since  we know their pros and cons now we will going to perform practically that how to root android without computer using android apps.If following the steps you stuck at any point please contact us we will try our best to solve your problems.your questions will be appreciated .For rooting android, we have shared some best android rooting software.which are

  1. Towel Root
  2. Using Universal Androot
  3. Employing Framaroot
  4. Z4 Root
  5. Easy Rooting Toolkit
  6. Baidu Root
  7. iroot
  8. CF Auto root
  9. KingoRoot
  10. SRS Root


There is some task that must be done before rooting android yet they are not so difficult task but are important to avoid phone bricking and some other serious risks.

  • Firstly your android must be charged up to 40-50 %.
  • Backup all your data like contacts,music,images,videos and apps etc and then remove your SD card before you proceed to root android with one click.
  • Enable unknown sources in your mobile phone by going to “Security settings” on new devices or “Application settings” for old devices
  • Download the required free rooting app for android and install it on phone storage.

Must complete these requirements before proceed to root android without PC. After completing the requirements use without worried one fo the method out of the 10   which i am going to share.

#1. TowelRoot

Towel root is introduced by Geohot to jailbreak phone without computer using a single is used mostly as a htc root tool because it roots mostly htc devices like  HTC One M7 according to their official site towel root has successfully rooted Verizon Galaxy S5, AT&T GS5, Nexus 5, GS4, Note 3 and many more Android devices.Towelroot has also rooted my Qmobile So this is my most trusted app.therefore I recommended to use this app to jailbreak your android without PC.Just check it on your own and then let me know in the comment box.

Just follow the steps and root your Android in just one click.

1.First of all download the Towelroot from their official site.
Note: Right click on this sign “λ” present on the main page and the downloading will be started automatically.

2.After you have downloaded the towelroot app in your android device .Simply click on the app and install it.

3. Launch the app in your android device and simply  click on “make it ra1n” button.

4.After a few moment your mobile will become rooted if compatible.otherwise follow our other methods.

if you follow the steps correctly i hope you have no issue in rooting your phone.

Using Towelroot Modstrings

When you are rooting with towelroot, it displayed ‘This phone isn’t currently supported by Towelroot’.

Tap three times on ‘Welcome to towelroot v3’.

A White box will appear.

  1. 1337 0 1 0 4 0
  2. 1337 0 1 7380 4 0
  3. 1337 0 1 0 4 1

Type those codes one at a time, And tap make it ra1n.then Towelroot will did it.

Also watch this video to jailbreak android with towelroot easily


  1. AT&T Galaxy S5
  2. Verizon Galaxy S5
  3. Galaxy S4 Active
  4. Nexus 5
  5. AT&T Galaxy Note 3
  6. Verizon Galaxy Note
  7. Android Devices released before June 3rd.

Universal androot is a popular app among android users which can root your android without the need of a computer or a PC.You just need to simply install the app and it will root android without PC just in single click.This is the best option if your android doesn’t root using the above method in which we use towelroot.Universal androot root mostly advanced android phones .Try it with your own and then comment if not just tell me your device name and I will find a specific method for that device.Now we will move toward the steps to root android using Universal androot.

1. First of all download Universal Androot from their official site.

2. If you download the apk file in a computer then send it to your android through USB data cable and if you download it in your android phone then just follow the step 3.

3. Enabled the “unknown sources” option using the following path. Setting=>security=>Unknown sources and check the mark.

4. Now go to the path where the apk file is and click on it and then install it.

5. When the app is installed just launched it and follow the below instruction with the help of screenshots images.

6. After launching the app the first step is to select the version from superuser 2.0 – 2.2 and 1.5 – 1.6 as per your android version.

7. Now the final step is that just tap on root and your device will be successfully root. If not then your device is not supported by Universal Androot.

List of compatible devices rooted by Universal Androot:

  • Google Nexus One
  • Google G1
  • myTouch 3G 3.5mm/LE
  • HTC Tattoo
  • Dell Streak
  • Motorola Milestone
  • Motorola XT701
  • Motorola XT800
  • Motorola ME511
  • Motorola Charm
  • Motorola Droid (2.01/2.1/2.2 with FRG01B)
  • Sony Ericsson X10
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Mini
  • Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro
  • Acer Liquid
  • Acer beTouch E400
  • Samsung Galaxy Beam
  • Samsung galaxy 5 (gt-i5500)6
  • Vibo A688
  • Lenovo Lephone
  • LG Ally
  • LG GT540


On the demand of visitor today i am sharing an another app which root android without PC this app can especially root Qmobiles which is too hard to root without pc.i also experimented with this app and root my Qmobile noir A8 .iroot is an most popular and trending app use for the rooting of android and developed by mgyun team who releases vroot before this app. this app can also root many other android devices like Samsung ,sony, and Hawaii etc.Use the following steps while rooting your android.

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Step 1:
Download iroot from their official site.

Step 2:
Find the path where apk file is and install it on your device.

Step 3:
After installation, iroot will automatically detect your device model.

Step 4:
After detecting the model open the app and  click on the “Root now”  button present on the home interface.written in chineese language.

Step 5:
After clicking on “root now” your device will be rooted automatically after few moments .

Step 6:
After that, on screen, this text appear “Device Rooted.

Step 7.
if the device is successfully rooted the kinguser app will be appear as shown.

Watch this video to root android using iroot.

List of compatible devices:

  • QMobile Noir A1
  • QMobile Bolt A4
  • QMobile A2 C
  • QMobile Noir A8
  • QMobile Noir A2
  • QMobile Noir A650
  • QMobile Noir Quatro Z8
  • QMobile Noir V5
  • QMobile Noir A200
  • QMobile QTab Q100 Tablet
  • QMobile X50Tablet
  • Samsung G3139
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy J7
  • Samsung G900I
  • amsung C105
  • Sony Xperia E4 Dual(E2115)
  • Sony Xperia Z3+ Dual(E6533)
  • Sony Xperia Z4
  • Sony Xperia C3
  • HTC Desire D316d
  • HTC One M9+
  • HTC desire 820us
  • Huawei M2
  • Huawei Honor4A
  • Huawei P8 Max


With the consecutive updates of android its security become stronger and stronger with each update and its seriously very hard to root the android without PC but thanks to the member of xda forum Alephzain who make it possible to still root android without PC and for this purpose he releases his one click android app called framaroot which got so many popularity among android users a special feature of this android app is that it can root android devices having version above than 2.0 to 4.2.With a just simple click, one can install both Su binary and superuser easily on their android.this app have simple procedure simply download it from its official site and then click on root and your devices will be rooted.Anyhow I will give the full procedure.

Download employing framaroot from their official site.

Now if you have downloaded the file to your computer or PC then transfer it to your computer using USB data cable and if it is downloaded to your smartphone then just find the path where the app is.

Once you find the path install it on your android device.

Here you need to select the ‘Install
Superuser’ from the framaroot interface.

Then you can choose any of the given
exploits which would appear in the

Now you may have to wait and when
you see this text “Success, SU binary and
Superuser installed”, its means that your smartphone is rooted successfully and you have to just reboot it.

This one of the most working app for android users but this app is patch by some manufacturer of android devices though you can still try it on your device this app can root mostly sony devices but their recent update can root many of the Xperia devices successfully.unluckily this app have many bugs and may their developers will fixed it in the future updates but its still a good option to root android without PC. The super feature of this app is that it can install busybox along with su files.

Download the app from their official site then install it and click on root after a while your device will be rooted and then reboot it.

#6. Z4root To Root Android Without PC:

Z4root is  most enchanting and one of the oldest popular android app which is used by android users for rooting their smartphone easily. This enchanting app has some of the great feature which causes android users to love it the most impressive feature of this app is that this app has highest success ratio of rooting and almost root every android device so you must try this pretty app and give us your precious feedback in the below comment box.HTC,Samsung,lava,xolo,Micromax ,spice and many other android users must try this app.specially Samsung galaxy S series. Another special feature is that you can use it without the risk of any hard brick of android you may hear this feature for the first time.

This app has simple procedure just download it from their official site and  install it according to the above method and simply click on the root button in the main interface. Then wait for a while and after a few minutes your device will be reboot after rooting

#7. Baidu root:

More than most popular app available for both PC and android. This app root enormous apps according to their official site Baidu app has rooted more than 6000 smartphones. This app also has a good feature as they don’t need any su permission  as they have their own su permission.

Download the app from their official site then install it and click on root after a while your device will be rooted and then reboot it.

8. Kingroot:

Really an awesome and famous app for android lovers to root their smartphone with a simple one click. This app is a well known app for rooting android according to me. Recently i tried to root my Samsung Note 4 with this amazing app but unluckily this app doesn’t root my device the reason i find behind this is that my device has a version of 6.0.1 which is android latest version and cannot be rooted with these lazy methods while kingroot can root android from 2.2 version up to 5.0  So this is quite useful app because it can root device having version 5.0 I will share the method when I root my Note 4. Now have a look at this app.

This app has simple method as the above app have just download it from their official site and install it then click on root button and your device will be got rooted.

9. SRS Root:

SRS-Root is an another one click android root but this app has not yet released their android version. However, their developers are trying best to release an android version of their app. Recently their latest version of SRS Root for PC can root device from 1.5 version to 4.2 . This app has a special feature that you can also unroot your device with this app. If you wanna download their PC then visit this link.

10. CF Auto Root:

Just another android rooting app by chainfire. Having a good average of rooting android especially release for Samsung S series smartphones to root android without PC easily.

Just download it from their official site  then install it and click on root button.

How to check if mobile is rooted?

To check whether you android device has been rooted or not we bring  a special app named as “Root checker” which  will show you whether it’s rooted or not. Download it directly from play store or visit the given link.

Final Words

If you found these methods to root android without pc useful please share it with your friends who are android lovers and please comment whether these methods help you or not .

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