10 Android Apps You Must Check

Google android users are incredibly loyal. They are pretty much obsessed with all things Google, and they have as much love for their device which iPhone users commonly show about their particular.

Perhaps the biggest reason because of this unabashed adoration is the Google android apps.While not as large since the Apple store, Android has seen a huge surge within the last few few years of available programs. The list is till growing every day, with everything from entertainment to review applications meant to make your life a small amount better.

Top 10 Android Productivity Apps

One popular genre could be the productivity style of app. These include programs that help you organize your daily life, manage your time and have more done. But there are so many that just buying a few can chew up your time and efforts.I decided to do it available for you. Here are ten fantastic productivity apps with the Android.

1. Evernote

Evernote is among the most popular applications on the net. It syncs your browser, mobile phone and tablet so you can get your data anywhere. Just clip whatever you like online, tag it and save it. It works great as a reader, as well.

2. Dropbox

If you want to share things from your computer to your phone, or with other folks, this is perfect. You just add files into your Dropbox account and yes it shows on all devices. You can select who to share it with, so it works very well for collaborative projects.

3. Mint

Get a finances in order with Mint. The most well known (and loved) free financial plan anywhere, it aims to easily simplify through combining. You can notice all bank accounts, including credit cards and Paypal. Check balances, help to make budgets, get financial advice, set goals and use services to save you money.

4. Google Maps

Find anything using the mobile version of the maximum rated maps program. Voice guided Navigation, route planners, local business testimonials, street view, public transport directions and more are all included.

5. Swype

Don’t make use of the ridiculous on-board autocorrect function. Swype offers a more advanced and accurate experience. It incorporates voice and text dictionary connect, next word prediction and a keyboard that learns with use. Once it is programed you’ll be able to swipe your finger across the keyboard and yes it will use real context to predict the required word.

Here’s a more extensive guide into android keyboard cutting corners from MobilePhoneFinder.

6. ReQall

Work with voice recordings to plan chores, and this app will immediately store, organize and remind you of which later. It can be incorporated into both Outlook and Google Calender, and has GPS oriented task reminders to inform you about when something is nearby which can be taken care of.


Browse, download and extract any files through your Android browser. Then organize them to find easily later. This is ideal for anyone who prefers their phone for their computer. You can even select multiple files for simultaneous use.

8. Voice Search

Instead regarding finding everything through text surfing around, you can search both your phone and the web with your voice. You can also use a newer feature that helps you find local businesses, streets or maybe addresses through speaking. Easy to utilize and great for hands cost-free lovers.

9. Titanium Backup

Afraid of losing all of your current info now that your Android is just about the center of your personal as well as professional life? Back everything up regularly and stressing with this fantastic app. It is a little intricate, but it works better than any other program I’ve discovered.

10. Slidescreen

Organize all which data, your files and programs with this nicer display. It color codes, organizes, gives you a draggable center bar, helpful icons and the next thunderstorm, date and time in an even more compact format. This puts everything on hand without cluttering up your mobile phone.

Do you have an app that boosts your productivity, or that you just think is pretty cool? Inform us what it is in the comments, and be sure to supply a link. We would love to hear about it. Until after that, be sure to check out the ones above. I hope one or all this apps will be useful for you, make a comment!

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