5 Free Software Alternatives For Applications That We Use Daily

Here are some alternatives in free software to manage projects, an interesting example that shows us that free software is a real alternative to many of the proprietary software packages that we are accustomed to seeing in the companies and it appears that they are the only option, we are in a period very conducive to contemplate this alternative since, well put, you can help us to reduce costs in licenses.

At the time of use free software is not mandatory to use a Linux-based operating system, in fact, it is not strange to find mixed environments of operation in which applications in free software live with other custodial sentences in, for example, a computer with Windows operating system is installed, there are a number of applications which are in common use and virtually around the world often use daily and that, by inertia, we usually resort to solutions in proprietary software.

Here we will talk about some of the best free software, we’ll talk about 5 alternatives in free software applications that we use daily and, although someone may think that LibreOffice is very behind Microsoft Office, really, for a average usage is an interesting alternative that is already used in the Government of France, and in some other nations.

Following the path we have already launched here in BuzzyTricks, let’s explore a few free software applications that it is worth it to try and, above all, consider before opting for an alternative to proprietary software:

7-Zip is a compressor/decompressor files with which we can handle the known formats ZIP and RAR replacing applications such as WinZIP and WinRAR. 7-Zip, logically, is an application in free software (distributed under the GPL license) and also gives us the possibility of using the format 7z compression that, according to its developer, Igor Pavlov, we can obtain better compression ratios and, therefore, save a bit more space to compress text files.

Infrarecorder is a very lightweight application with which we can handle the recorder of CDs or DVDs from our team without having to resort to applications such as, for example, Nero. This application is distributed under the GPLv3 license and works under Windows environments, providing the user with a very simple interface and intuitive with all features and options needed to burn CDs or DVDs.

Pidgin is perhaps one of the instant messaging applications more known by users and, following the line of the rest of applications that we are commenting on, it is also free software. Thanks to Pidgin we can bring together in one place a good part of our coordinates on the network, i.e. , focusing on this customer our meeting in Gtalk, MSN, Facebook chat or, for example, if in our company we have a messaging server internal Jabber-based we can also configure it. I admit, i’m enemy of a thousand windows open and, therefore, positively evaluated the applications that i allow you to focus and manage services in a unified manner (avoiding, furthermore, have to install multiple applications).

Virtualdub.org is, perhaps, one of the more austere applications from the point of view of the interface that we can find in the field of free software but, in addition, it is an interesting resource to edit video files. While for professional editing can be behind Adobe Premiere or the options of video editing that are included in Nero, is an interesting option to perform (without having to deploy heavy packages software) basic tasks of editing video, apply filters to the image or to combine a video with an audio source. The application is distributed under GPL license, and as interesting detail, does not lack install on Windows since the package updates onto that there is only that unzip and click on the executable.

Notepad++ is a plain text editor, in particular, i love it. This text editor is very oriented to the editing of files of code and, for example, we can activate the features of syntax to identify the programming language in which we are working and thus highlight the reserved words or, for example, conveniently view blocks of code that we have enclosed between “keys”, i.e. between ‘ {‘ and ‘ } ‘.  In addition, we can compare with Notepad files (ideal if we have confused and we have several versions of the same file and we are not able to distinguish which is the most recent), record macros to save repetitive work, work with different encodings of the files (ideal for work without problems with files in UTF-8 from Windows) or edit several files from the same window (working with tabs).  A great alternative to Windows Notepad and the classic MS-DOS editor.

I hope some of this open source apps helps you in your day to day work.§Users can watch videos and surf at the same time, thanks to the update that YouTube made ​​to its mobile application. So if you are playing a video and opens a second application, it will not stop, as happened in the beginning.

Those wishing to play video and check something on the web can do so simultaneously. Just slide your finger down the screen is displayed, for example, a video on how to prepare a pudding, while the top will be able to find the recipe for the caramel sauce.

The platform also included an option to search for playlists. Using the button ‘play all’, the user can get a full view of the videos.With this update, YouTube, the most popular destination for online video with real-time publication of over 4,000 videos daily, responding to requests from users who use the portal as a music player. (See the news: it’s updated YouTube mobile phones).

The company also recently invested in the online platform called Vevo, where you can play music videos, and offers some of the most popular content on YouTube.The update to version 2.0 of the YouTube app is now available for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and App Store.

Now, the web version of Twitter mobile applications show conversations in chronological order. Tweets of a conversation is connected using a vertical line.Up to three tweets are displayed online in your home timeline. You can also select a single trill to see all responses, including those of people who do not follow us.

The entire conversation can be shared with friends via email or as individual tweets from Android and iPhone applications.And now individual tweets can be reported for abuse or spam from the Android app and the web version.

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