6 Alternatives To Shazam To Find Out What Song Is Playing

Shazam is a popular mobile service that lets you discover the title of a song and who’s performing it . From a database of preset and using the microphone of your phone, Shazam guess the vast majority of songs you can hear on television, walking down the street or in a drinks. Over time, more features have been added, as detected buy the song, a video , artist information or read the lyrics of the song. If you are not yet convinced this application or simply looking for something different to discover music, I offer a selection of alternatives to Shazam for everyone.

Alternatives to Shazam you see below are varied together. Some specialize in this function, as SoundHound or TrackID, but others are full of features to enjoy your music , as SoundTracking . Most offer good quality in detecting a song. Obviously not perfect, but their songs databases are very large and are improving every day. In addition, most offer extra features such as lyrics or the ability to listen to it through YouTube.

SoundHound (Android , iOS , Windows Phone, BlackBerry )

When we talk about Shazam inevitably SoundHound out the name, it is their main rival. Available for major mobile platforms, this handy application will help you discover what’s playing at the time, who is singing and what the disk belongs. But that does not stop, it also shows you the lyrics of the songs you play on your mobile device integrates YouTube videos, has support for Spotify and Rdio and to share on Facebook and Twitter what you are hearing.

MusiXmatch (Android , iOS , Windows Phone)

Its main function is to provide lyrics , shown in sync with the music, but this includes the ability to recognize a song if your phone closer to the source of music. It is compatible with various players such as Spotify, Google Music or Samsung Music Player.

MusicID (Android , iOS )

One of the closest alternatives to Shazam , as the song once detected, can buy it on iTunes, watch YouTube videos, discover similar artists and groups, get information about them, see the lyrics outdoor track and geotag.

SoundTracking (Android , iOS )

Among the many features included in this curious application is that of discovering a song is playing. But there is more, share the title of the song with your friends , add photos, tag your contacts, follow people and artists that interest you , see what music you are listening more , etc. . In short , SoundTracking is somewhere between a music player, a social network and music recommendation application.

TuneUp Mobile ( iOS )

This application is the younger sister of TuneUp , an application for Windows and OS X that lets you organize your music collection by arranging labels, discovering untitled songs, adding album covers, etc. . The mobile version is focused on detecting sounding songs, showing title, artist or group and album. As in the case of MusicID, label the song as the place where you hear and can see the lyrics, share your discovery on Facebook and Twitter.

TrackID (Android )

Sony, a company that understands a lot about music, mostly for his extensive music catalog also has its own alternative to Shazam. Its operation is similar to previous applications. As a result, you’ll learn the singer, the song, the album and the opportunity to purchase the song, see the video on YouTube and share your discovery on Facebook.

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