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6 Ways To Prevent Pests From Your Kitchen

Seeing pests in your kitchen can be nauseating, and ironically the kitchen is a haven for pests. The reason is that they are struggling to get food and make a living. Since food is super easy to get inside a kitchen, they tend to invest there in multitudes. Making it difficult to control them after they have invested.

Having pests inside your kitchen could be hazardous to your health more than any house area. They can easily contaminate, destroy and even poison your food. They can also release their wastes into your cabinets and drawers, leaving you with unplanned heavy cleaning.

Preventing them is always better than controlling them. If you are yet to see them in your kitchen, you need to start paying attention to some of your activities inside the kitchen. If you have started seeing them in small numbers, it is in your best interest to seek pest control measures before they become uncontrollable.

However, It may be a bit of a task to prevent or keep pests from the kitchen, but it will be worth it. Consider the safety of your family and be ready to put in some measure to control them. Below are six easy ways to make your kitchen pest-free.

#1 Always Close Your Containers

Food is the primary target of most pests. They can only get in if your containers are not tightly covered. Some pests love getting into loosely stored food. Ensure you use an airtight container to store your food. Not only grains you should cover. Don’t be carefree with food items like cereal, cookies, chips, and snacks as well. Any food you don’t typically finish at a sitting is worth covering well.

#2 Store Up Your Food Stuff Inside Freezer

It is more secure if you store some food items inside the kitchen rather than inside the pantry. Food like potatoes, fruits, and cereal cannot be invested or spoiled by the time-lapse inside the fridge. If you own a freezer or fridge, store foodstuff of all kinds In them to prevent pests.

#3 Fill Up Holes and Cracks in the Kitchen, If Any.

A little crack through your kitchen can be a route for pests. Check corners of your kitchen and hole pipes under the sink. Large pests like a rodent can be transported through the hole if they are wider than expected. The best is to seal such an opening with foam or caulk or get it plastered with foodstuff husk down. Whichever works appropriately well.

#4 Always Keep The Kitchen Sink Dry

If you are used to piling plates and soak inside the sink after use, stop it! Water can attract pests as much as food, and some even only survive in a swamp of water, don’t give them a chance in your kitchen. Keep your sink as empty as possible.

Don’t spill water in any place at all in the kitchen. Ensure you empty any used water so it won’t be a haven for all pests.

#5 Through Kitchen Cleaning

Maintaining perfect kitchen hygiene is a good way to survive pests. It needs to be cleaned more often than anywhere else in a house. Sanitize the table and countertop after every cooking. Ensure regular removal of trapped cobwebs. Brush away the tiniest of crumbs. Do not keep dirty dishes as these attract pests.

#6 Dispose of All  Kitchen Waste Daily

You shouldn’t keep your kitchen waste for days or weeks. Empty the dustbin each day, so pests won’t easily gather inside the bin. Pests enjoy the dirty environment and if your kitchen is dirty, that automatically becomes their home and this can get you and your family infected.


However, all the aforementioned guides may not be enough to control pests, especially if your kitchen has been largely invaded by pests. You are better advised to contact a professional service that can save you from the dangerous pest. You can also get recommendations on preventing pests and general house cleaning tips. To locate one nearest to you, click here.

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