6Tag, New App To Publish In Instagram From Windows Phone

In the last few hours has launched a new client for Windows Phone Instagram called 6tag. We will use the opportunity not only to outline this novelty, but also to shuffle other options for users of Windows Phone that, unfortunately, they do not have access to a still photography applications more popular in recent years.

Windows Phone is, according to statistics recently published, the second most widely used platform in Latin America. However, your Marketplace is not as densely populated as the options that we could find in Google Play, Android, or in the App Store on IOS. In fact, Instagram seem not to have plans to launch a formal implementation for Windows Phone in the near future.

If we recall, Instagram was born as an application for IOS and after much demand, left for Android. After event, the number of users of Instagram was by the clouds and the company was acquired by the bombast and controversial a billion dollars, on the part of Facebook. Now, development for the mobile operating system of Microsoft would rather be encouraged, but the users have to use Instagram alternatives.

6tag came out of a beta that was few days ago and already you can download from the Marketplace of Windows Phone. What is the thing that stands out to 6tag of the competition? Unlike other applications available for Windows Instagram Phone, 6tag (formerly known com 6tagram) includes the vast majority of the features that we can find in the original app Instagram.

As well, with 6tag we have access to the original filters of the application to the rise of videos, and the effects of radial blur and linear. From 6tag, we can share our photos edited to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare home features hardwood, among other platforms. An interesting addition, and without doubt the best client for Windows Phone Instagram known until today.

There are two important issues to take into account. 6Tag is not an official application, but a third-party application. Therefore, if the day of morning Facebook without notice make changes to your API we can have to stop using it. This happened recently in Windows Phone a few weeks ago, when Instagram change their spam filters and began to erase and lock photos that were uploaded from third-party applications.

Another point to keep in mind is security. Some of the developers of Windows Phone have called attention to 6tag, stating that the application is left with a copy of the public and private videos, and that furthermore does not encrypt the data of the account, i.e. the authentication token and the user name. In addition, 6tag does not have a privacy policy, an item required for all applications of Windows Phone.

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