7 Super Computer That Changed The World

China’s Tianhe 1 a list

According to foreign media reports, the supercomputer development exceptions rapidly encountered from the 60 ‘s of the last century to the present, made considerable progress has been made in the area of supercomputers, and these supercomputers important research topics are those global challenges, such as cancer, climate change, energy efficiency, tsunami forecast. There is also the emergence of supercomputers, speed has been able to continuously improve our perception of the world.

Said super computer, many people on will thought Cameron Director of end who under series inside of produced self consciousness of “SkyNet” (Skynet), it originally is a high artificial intelligence defense system, used to control United States mod of missile defense system, but “SkyNet” in control has all us of arms system zhihou, produced has self consciousness, awakening of “SkyNet” finds human is its development of threat, so will steering attack its creator–human, and decided used various mass anti sexual arms, Even a nuclear bomb, to perish in this man. In fact, supercomputers in real life is to contribute to the progress of human society.

Super computers, super computers, usually refers to hundreds of thousands of even more processors (machines), able to calculate normal consisting of PC and server computers that large, complex subject that cannot be completed. To help you better understand the supercomputer’s speed, adult normal computer operation faster than walking speed, then the supercomputer achieve rocket speed. At such a speed, subject to people through numerical simulation to predict and explain natural phenomena previously unable to experiment.

Super computer in 60 of the last century, the earliest that is the United States the data controlling company (Control Data Corp.) 6,600, the supercomputer is made by SC Seymour Cray (Seymour Cray) designed and put into operation in 1965, when this super computer has only one CPU.

Now running the fastest supercomputer in the world is Japan Fujitsu Company “Jing” (k-Computer), installed in the Japan’s Institute of physical and chemical (RIKEN Institute). Names comes from Chinese figures “Jing”, that is, 10 of the 16-th. On October 1, 2010, the Japan Institute of chemistry calculation scientific research institutions set up a memorial ceremony in Kobe, constitutes a supercomputer, and about 800 computer 8 in her first public appearance. On November 1, 2011, the Japan Institute for chemical research and Fujitsu made the two companies to cooperate in developing next-generation supercomputer “Jing”, has reached 1 per second Beijing (Beijing is 10,000 times times the 1 trillion) more than speed, over 1 in Beijing is currently the fastest recorded in the world.

Now many supercomputers in the world, the main work is to address the major challenges facing humanity in the world, such as climate change, global challenges such as disease prevention and control, and improving energy efficiency.

Here is the world’s most representative 7 super computer super computers, their main job is to make this world a better, more secure.

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