Advice For Mobile App Developers

If you are involved in the development of mobile applications, mobile privacy is always a concern. There is pressure from mobile application developers regulators to improve privacy practices. Strict laws should be considered and for developers who do not want to show how mobile applications affect the privacy of the users of your application. Why privacy policies do not yet know many applications, developers are experiencing a difficult time in the future.

That makes two things clear:

  • All drivers want to support all programming and mobile software development. The practice of developing mobile applications that let you know who is responsible should.
  • The second thing is that all developers use transparent regulatory practices will, regardless of the type of application.

The following points to help developers, both regulators and users relax.

  1. Do not be so eager to pay more than necessary.Is given as a postal check. Some phones have the application developers that applications tend to require more data. They argue that, although they are not required, the data, but can now be used at a later date. Although the point of view of the developer, but too much temptation for private user data can make a suspicious application. The abnormal behavior of the application may be in the area of ​​doubt and eventually forcing users to take their devices. But the story does not stop when users uninstall any suspicious application, because there are hundreds of thousands of others with the same defects. A Bloomberg article entitled “100,000 Android applications to collect too much data, is the security company.” The contribution of the security company Bit9, city found more than 100,000 Android applications suspicious or questionable Google Play. In December the Last year, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris California Delta Air Lines continued confidentiality of mobile applications.More information can be found in the article by Cnet “California AG trial privacy Delta mobile app.”
  2. Use transparent privacy practices.Many developers use this Privacy Policy, users of the puzzle. Developers must unveiled a policy that will do all the background tasks on demand in a closet. The California Assembly has also published “Privacy on the Go”, a report of recommendations for policy actors smartphone ecosystem.

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