25+ Best Android Apps Not Available In Play Store (2021)

There are certain best Android apps that are not in the play store for various reasons. The best apps are not on the play store maybe because they are illegal Android apps that are not developed as per the norms of the Google play store. We will check out the list of best Android apps not in play store.

Certain Android apps are considered as best because they are top-rated and positive reviews are given by the users. Thousands of apps are at the top and work best with smooth functionalities. There are other best Android apps that do not make it in the play store. The reasons are many for it. We do not have the exact and valid reason, but it can be because these best Android apps are not developed as per the rules and requirements of the Google play store.

But that does not make them be out of the league. Here we have the list of certain best Android apps not in play store but works great with the amazing features consisting of it. We can say that they are the alternatives for the popular Android apps which provide the features as per the user’s wish. All the Android apps which do not make it in the Google play store are added to the list given below:

Best Android Apps Not In Play Store

The apps are available for various categories, and they are developed for different uses. Check out the list:



If your device is well-rooted, then you can install this app for detecting the web session profiles with the help of Wi-Fi available on your device. FaceNiff is an Android application that lets hackers sniff and intercepts web session profiles through Wi-Fi networks, stealing people’s credentials from Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. Consider the legal issues of your country first before you install the faceniff.

VideoMix For Android


This is one of the best Android apps not in play store allows you to stream free videos and movies online and also get access to the description of the video content with the help of third party online resources.You can add it on your android TV box, devices or amazon fire Tv or Firestick Devices.


Mango apk android apps not available in play store

It is an app for Android and Blackberry users. Mango is the reader app, provides free Japanese comics to users. You can select any titled comic e-books from the huge library of over 9000 selections. You can even translate the books with the feature of manga scanlations feature which can be accessed through the 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Market Helper

Market Helper

Turn your device to any other desired device with the help of the market helper one of the best android apps not in play store. The app works on the rooted Android device. The market helper app will convert your current device to the Nexus 7 device. It will only change from Android to Android device.

XMBC For Android

XMBC For Android

You can play any format videos and audios with the help of an XMBC player. The app is the open-source software media player that gives the platform to the digital media to provide the source of entertainment.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player

Customize the motion in graphics and watch your work go live once you have completed it with the adobe flash player the best Android apps not in play store 2021. The version available here does not support the Android 4 and above versions. To use the app efficiently, just follow the instructions given in the link as well as there is a video tutorial too for better understanding.



It is the security analysis app that helps to capture Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn,Snapchat and other social accounts.


Pandora best android apps not in play store

No ads, unlimited skips, and the 40 hours play limit. Once you download Pandora, to access the audio files of the international albums will be easy for you.



If you are a regular torrent user, then download the transdroid app now. It is one of the best apps not on play store. It will help you to manage the torrent accounts and also other popular torrent sites will be easy to manage by transdroid.

Tiny Shark Downloader

Tiny Shark Downloader

Either you download your favorite music or just listen to it from the app’s interface. The app is very popular and free to download. You can even try another app related to this, Dood’s Music Streamer available in the Google play store.


dSploit apk

It is one of the best Android apps not in play store for the network security assessments, and the app has several different modules that perform the assessment tasks on the device over wireless connections. The app works well with the rooted device and checks out the compatibility first with the Android version available on your device.

LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher

You can launch any command by a single touch or multi-touch gestures. Connect to the basic and advanced commands on the screen or installed applications. Make sure that the gestures you command, LMT has to support to it.

Tubemate – One of the Best Android Apps Not in Play Store

Tubemate one of the banned android apps list

It is the free and most popular YouTube video downloader app. This video downloader app will let you play the videos offline as well as in the background. The app supports popular video streaming sites like YouTube.

TV Portal

TV Portal apk

Now stream your personal contents from your Android device to the tablets or on any other smart devices with the help of these best apps, not on play store. It majorly supports Android tablets, smartphones, Google TV, or minicomputer.


F-Droid apk

Without any registration, create your account on F-Droid to access the free useful apps. It is an application similar to the Google play store and has a list of apps that are developed by open and free source software. There are certain features that are useful for the smooth functioning of the applications.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher app illegal android apps

Customize the Android applications as per your desire. You can create and modify the permissions, bypass the limitations present within the apps, play games offline in the absence of the data connection.

Pokemon Tower Defence

Pokemon Tower Defence best android games not in play store

It is one of the best Android apps not in play store mainly developed for the Pokémon game. The Pokémon tower defense app helps to catch, train, and use the trapped Pokémons as you wish.

N64oid on SourceForge, on SlideME

N64oid on SourceForge best unknown android apps

If you are a fan of Nintendo games but cannot afford the Nintendo emulator, then N64oid comes to the rescue. You can utilize this app on an Android device for free. The latest version available of this app is available on various platforms.

Apollo Music Player

Apollo Music Player best music apps not on play store

It is an awesome music player providing access to the available playlist on your device. The app has tried to replace Google play music and has enhanced features standing out from the rest of the music player.



It is the email application where you can sync all your email accounts in this free application. It is one of the best apps not on play store which is a free and open-source application for the Android device, and the K-9 Mail supports POP3 as well as IMAP mailboxes. You can install the app from the Google play store.

CyanogenMod cLock

CyanogenMod cLock craziest android apps

The CyanogenMod is the Android open-source operating system, working well with every Android device. The CyanogenMod clock provides the home and screen lock widget. It also has features like weather updates, a calendar menu with event reminders; change the color of the weather icons, etc.

OGYoutube Apk

OGYoutube Apk

It is another YouTube video downloader with excellent features. Download the line of channel streams and any video from the YouTube site in your desired resolution. You can even just the download MP3/ audio section of your favorite video.

Router Keygen

Router Keygen

You can access the data connection from anywhere with the router keygen application the best Android app, not in the play store. The router keygen will decode the wifi passwords and keys. Keep the compatibility in mind and then go ahead deciphering the passwords and keys.

Humble Bundle App

Humble Bundle App

The app is different than what Google play store offers. You can directly download the bundle of games at the determined price that you want to pay. Get an account on the application and start purchasing the games at your affordable and desired price.


Some of the apps which are listed above can be easily available in the Google play store. The best Android apps not in play store can be downloaded from the app’s official website with the help of third-party installation software or a link. You can even check out the features in more detail of the best apps, not on play store. We cannot say that the apps which are not in play store are illegal Android apps because some of them are more popular as the alternative to the official app sharing the same name. You can share this article with your friends on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

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