College and substance abuse

Substance abuse is one problem that has grown exponentially over the years. However, this substance abuse has grown tremendously amongst the age groups of kids in college. Of course, peer pressure is a major factor that causes the increased number of addicts in colleges across the globe. However, some other factors may cause drug or alcohol abuse amongst college students. This article will analyze the causes of drug abuse amongst college students, the most common drugs, and the solution to this drug abuse situation.

Causes of drug abuse amongst college students

  • Peer pressure

Peer pressure is the most common reason why college students will get addicted to any substance. In any academic setting, there are always different personalities you will expect. While some came to learn, some others came with the idea of having maximum fun. For someone who comes into college, there is no option but to mix with this set of people. As a result, this peer pressure can influence college students to start doing drugs. See here for the best St. Pete rehab center.

  • Stress

Needless to say, college can bring in a lot of stress to a new child. Of course, for someone who’s been in the system, the tension may not be evident, but for the newcomers just entering college, this stress can cause an addiction. The demands from schoolwork can be high, and some of these students combine school with a job. When they take these substances, it may help them relax, which can lead them into addiction.

  • Freedom

For many people, college is that moment when they leave home without the watchful eyes of their parents. All of a sudden, a kid who’s been at home under the protection of parents is suddenly required to become an adult without any prior experience. At this time, it’s normal for the college student to make mistakes and make wrong decisions.

  • Curiosity

Many people have curious personalities because of the information around them. People hear about how alcohol, cocaine, and other hard drugs feel, and they want to have a taste. This curious personality pushes a lot of college students to taste hard substances. With many hard substances, one taste is all that’s required to become an addict.

  • Fun

College is filled with a lot of social activities and fun events. At one point or the other, having a little fun or participating in social activity isn’t a bad idea. However, these social activities are the primary sources of these addictive drugs in college.

Common drugs used in college

There are too many drugs that college students get addicted to in college. Some are commonly available, while some aren’t. Some of the common medications used in school include;

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is the most readily available and popular substance that college students abuse. Most alcoholic products are available for people above the age of eighteen. This means almost everyone in college can take alcohol legally. So these products are almost anywhere and everywhere in college. That’s why it’s nearly impossible to tell someone who’s addicted to alcohol unless you see them high.

We all know alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances among college students. However, did you know students are also mixing DXM and alcohol in order to intoxicate themselves further? That’s right, there are teens who are irresponsibly mixing these two substances and causing irreparable damage to their bodies.

  • Marijuana

Marijuana is another popular drug you can find among college students. The dependence on this drug doesn’t happen immediately; it happens rather silently. When marijuana slowly hits students in college, it affects how they think and focuses on their studies. At the end of the day, this drug affects the studies of college student addicts.

  • Prescription drugs

Stress from school can cause incessant head and body pains that will require some drugs to help subdue. At some point, some of these drugs may contain addictive properties. You may find students addicted to prescription drugs. Some of the common prescription drugs that have grown popular amongst students include Adderall, Ritalin, amongst others.

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