DIY And Electrical Engineering For Motors: Should You Risk It?

Many people who are employed in manufacturing gain a great deal of satisfaction when working on DIY projects. Whether you work in design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, finishing or production, the desire to make and build is something that can be not only fulfilling, but it can also be lucrative.


There are some products, however, that you should source from an experienced manufacturer instead of trying to rig a solution of your own. For example, if you’re working with electric motor components, this is equipment you should source from an electric motor manufacturer in most cases.

DIY Solutions Can Be Dangerous

The reason being that, as electrical components become more complex, the risk for injury to people or damage to your project rises due to the potential for improper wiring and mismatched power supply and capacity. A reliable AC motor manufacturer will be able to provide a tested, safe product that can work within your project’s specs and deliver results without the risks associated with crafting your own electrical solution. Improperly manufacturing an electrical or mechanical product can result in injuries and lawsuits that may end up costing you or your company a lot of money.

Partnering With A Manufacturer Saves Time And Money

Additionally, the time it takes to develop, test and reproduce electric motors and their associated parts can take years of your time to perfect. This is time you could spend working on other aspects of your product instead of getting mired in technical details. The electric motor parts manufacturer you partner with has already invested the time, energy and money into developing completed motors, so why would you worry about handling these tasks?

How Will Your Project Be Used?

It’s also important to consider how your project will be used when thinking about handling your own electrical engineering. If you’re working on a hobby project, you may not be held to the same standards, regulations and codes as someone producing a commercial product.

If, however, you’re planning to sell a product that you’ve engineered electrical components for, things may not be as simple. Violating local, state and federal laws and regulations surrounding the manufacture of certain products can lead to fines, fees and other penalties. As such, commercial product design and manufacture for things like motors is usually best left up to an electric motor parts manufacturer.

Work Within Your Wheelhouse

One of the big concerns with handling your own electrical engineering is that modern electrical systems are increasingly complex. If you only have a passing knowledge of electrical engineering concepts as opposed to being trained and experienced in dealing with technical details, you may find yourself in over your head. Partnering with a company that is dedicated to a specific type of component manufacturing can reduce your stress and will likely produce a better quality product.

A Manufacturer Can Offer A Warranty

It’s also worth noting that working with a manufacturer instead of handling everything on your own can provide peace of mind in knowing that if a problem occurs, a warranty may be able to help. Most companies that manufacture electrical components and equipment supply some type of warranty with their products. This warranty typically provides protection in the event that a component experiences issues in the future.

With this in mind, you can incorporate the components you source from your manufacturer into your own design and know that your end users will enjoy the same protection. This ultimately allows you to build stronger customer relationships and brand power. It may also protect your company in the event that a legal matter arises from a malfunctioning component.

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