Eight Reasons to Use Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an independent digital currency that doesn’t depend on a central authority for maintenance. According to research by Finbold, by the end of 2021, approximately 10.2% of the world’s population that uses the internet owns at least one form of cryptocurrency.

That is a good number, given that cryptocurrency was invented in 2008. If you are out there and would like to start using cryptocurrency for nba odds, here are some reasons to give you the go-ahead.

Cryptocurrency is Mobile

When you want to do a cryptocurrency transaction, you do not need to go to the bank to buy or withdraw. You transfer from your wallet to the receiver’s account, just like other mobile payments. This makes it easy and safe to transact whenever you want.

Secure and Private Transactions

Like any other online platform, you have your access codes to your cryptocurrency wallet. Unless you lose or give them to someone else, there is no way your funds can be mismanaged.

Also, cryptocurrency is not physical. There is no point where you will be mugged by thieves who steal your fund. Coin mixing services bring transactions together so that it is hard to separate them, which confuses hackers. It makes the transactions even more secure.

Fast and Easy Transactions

Sending and receiving any form of digital currency is very simple. All you need is a gadget that can access the internet. Log into your blockchain (cryptocurrency) account and prompt your transaction.

Making online payments using other currencies requires both the sender and receiver to be on standby during the transaction. They have to provide information to identify them as who they claim to be. 

However, for cryptocurrency, all you need to make payment is the blockchain address of the receiver.

Low Transaction Costs

As earlier stated, cryptocurrencies do not have a central authority to govern them. For example, when transacting through a bank, they have high transaction fees because they are a central authority for the currency.

There isn’t even government involvement in cryptocurrency. Therefore, it makes transaction costs relatively low compared to banks. It is advantageous for travelers who might not want to walk around with currencies for different countries.

All-Inclusive Financial System

One of the advantages of digital currency is that anyone can use it wherever they are. There are no permissions required for you to use cryptocurrency. You don’t need permission from any bank; you don’t even need a bank account. 

More than 1.7 billion people neither have bank accounts nor are affiliated with any banking institution. These people only need a smartphone and internet, and they can have their cryptocurrency accounts.

Protection Against Inflation

Governments and banks can increase the amount of money in supply by printing more. It increases the value of things that are not easily found, like land.

However, for cryptocurrency, the amount of mineable coins is limited. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero have a hard cap on the number of coins ever to be mined. This capping acts as a hedge against inflation. 

Availability and Accessibility

As it has been started severally, all you need to access cryptocurrency is a smartphone or computer and an internet connection. In addition to this, you are not limited to one single form of digital currency. 

There are many in existence, and you have the liberty to decide which one is more suitable for you.

Examples of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Ripple. When choosing a cryptocurrency, some of the factors to consider may include the trading platform, user interface, method of purchase, supported tokens, and fee structure. Do your research first.

Irreversible Transactions

It can be an advantage or a disadvantage. The good part is that some clients or buyers can make payments using the other traditional currencies and reverse the transaction. It becomes very hectic to follow up on such transactions with the institutions.

However, once a transaction is completed, it is done for cryptocurrency. A third party cannot amend the transactions using blockchain. You can only reverse a transaction by the receiver sending the funds back.


The digital currency has its pros and cons, just like any other currency. Everyone has their perception.

We have given you some of the pros of cryptocurrency. It would be best if you did your research to make the right decision on whether or not you want to use cryptocurrency.

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