How to Choose Healthy Snacks for Your Children

When it comes to children’s balanced nutrition, the most important thing is developing healthy eating habits. Parents can offer their kids to choose whether to eat an apple or berries. Even though it’s not the same as choosing between fast food and an apple, your child will still have a sense of having made their own decision. 

In order to reduce kids’ cravings for unhealthy snacks, leave healthy ones out in the open. For example, put a bowl of fruit or berry bars in front of your little one, so in this way, you’ll be sure your child is making the right choice.

Flavor balance

Often children like a particular food, are willing to eat only that food and don’t want anything new. If new foods don’t taste good to your child, combine them with what he or she likes. For example, add broccoli to an omelet with cheese, offer slices of fresh carrots with unusual and tasty sauces.

5 ways to snack smarter

In the rhythm of modern life, snacking has become a daily necessity. Here are 5 tips on how to form healthy eating habits in children with the help of snacks.

  1. Be aware of the portion size because snacking is, in fact, smaller than a regular meal.
  2. The composition of the snacks for babies. Sometimes it is very easy to calm down and please your child with a bag of vegetable chips, but it is better to do it very rarely. Ideally, snacks should be rich in vitamins, fiber, and protein to energize your child.
  3. Food variety

 A daily menu of children’s snacks can contain fresh fruits and vegetables that the child is not allergic to (apples, grapes, carrots, bananas, etc.), nuts, whole-grain bread sandwiches with fish, cream cheese, omelets, and other healthy foods – look for recipes to your child’s liking.

  1. Sometimes prepare these snacks with your little one, telling why this or that product is useful – so the baby will be involved in an interesting joint process, and the food will cause a pleasant, warm association.
  2. Use ready-made healthy snacks. Busy moms sometimes have no time to think through the details of the child’s diet and snacks. Here comes the aided Organic’s Best and their extensive range of snacks with natural composition with no sugar, synthetic flavors, or palm oil. 

What snacks are better to avoid?

Not every tasty snack will be healthy, so we recommend paying attention to the quality and expiration date of the products because many fruit purees for kids and other snacks can quickly go bad even in a sealed package. And some products should be avoided altogether: the baby can choke, get poisoned, or the food simply does not contain any nutrients.

The list of undesirable snacks for your baby includes:

  • hot dogs and hamburgers with sauces;
  • whole grapes or cherry tomatoes (best cut in two pieces);
  • hard candy or chewy marmalade;
  • nuts and seeds;
  • popcorn;
  • vegetables that are too tough to chew (whole carrots, string beans);
  • large pieces of meat;
  • avoid juices and other drinks with lots of sugar.
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