How To Customize The Look Of OS X With Flavours

One of the main complaints are against OS X is that it is very difficult to customize , the choices of design and look of the windows and the various elements of the operating system are practically immovable. While it is true that Windows is king in terms of customization, with real gems in terms of programs and Desktop Customization packs like WindowBlinds and the like for OS X there are some interesting tools that let you change the appearance of windows or other elements.

One of the most recent and most caught my attention is Flavours, which offers very attractive themes and completely transform the operating system on your MacFlavours is a paid application, as in these cases, but you can try for free for 12 days before deciding on your purchase. Imitating the style of an ice cream parlor, and continuous nods to ice cream and flavors, this fun customization tool gives themes to change the look of OS X automatically and without having to touch any system files or open the Terminal. The process is as simple as opening the application , find the topic that you like and apply it.

Basically, Flavours consists of four main parts:

Enable/disable Flavours: By default, Flavours is off, but once you’ve chosen a theme that, since the ON / OFF button you’ll see on the main screen you can enable or disable it. In any case, whenever you are asked to reboot for the changes to take effect.

Apply: You can apply themes to your collection , if you have created or downloaded any of the store.

Get more: It will be the first place you go when you first open Flavours , because from here you have access to a myriad of topics. There is something for all tastes, but the quality is very high and probably find one that you like. For me personally , I loved that mimics iOS 7 and the mimicking textures like wood or metal.

Create: If you feel inspired , from here you will have the chance to create your own theme .Conclusion: flavors is a very easy program to use, and its ability to change the loog of mac os X are really awesome.

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