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HUAWEI ax3 dual core Specification

We know the internet is now a huge part of life. We do money transferring, paying bills online, social networking etc with the internet. without the internet, people won’t be able to do many important things. So, Huawei made a router named HUAWEI ax3 dual core.

This router has many advanced features. These features are explained below.

4 Huge Antennas

The HUAWEI ax3 dual-core has 4 huge antennas. This is huge because its range of connection is greater. People are very comfortable with this router whoever bought this.

Three Ethernet Port

The other thing that is good about this router is that it has 3 ethernet ports. It made it possible for the user to extend their possibilities. The user can connect up to 3 devices with the help of the cable.

Ventilation In The Bottom

The HUAWEI ax3 dual core has ventilation in the bottom. The fan is inside the router. As we know the router is opened for 24/7 hours. As the demand for internet is around the clock. So, the cooling of the router is very important. it is cooled from below.

12 Watt Power Supply And Ai Light App

The router has 12 watts, adopter. This adopter gives it a very good power supply. It has Ai light app which is downloaded in the play store. The setting of this app is quite easy. Many people get confused by complex settings. HUAWEI has taken care of that problem.

Wifi 6 Network people want a fast network. The higher quality game needs a higher quality network. After that wifi 6 network is introduced. It is kind of a speed boost. So, now with Huawei people can get this option at a very reasonable price.

HUAWEI ax3 dual core has a wifi 6 network which is advanced. Rather than that, it has also the options for backup wifi 5 network. So, this is a really big thing that is provided by Huawei.

Parental Controls

The other thing in this router is that it has parental controls options. You can deny the use of a respected website for your kids. You can also cut off the supply of children devices. This is a very convenient option that is proposed by Huawei.

The thing is that parents must take care of their children. So, this option is made for the consideration of the parent. With this option, a parent can keep an eye on their children.

Wifi Extender Wireless

HUAWEI ax3 dual core has an option named wifi extender. You can extend the network from this router to another router. You can also extend the network to this router. This makes it convenient for such kinds of persons.


The other thing is that this router price is low compared to the services provided by this router. So, you can use the higher prices services in this router. Many people are very happy with this thing.

I hope that the above content helps the viewers. To help in such a way that you can select the best router there is. The router is quite advanced. The HUAWEI ax3 dual core should be the selection of the people who should think smart.

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