Is 4GB RAM Enough For A Smartphone

It is common knowledge that the Indian smartphone market is highly competitive. There are multiple companies providing numerous models at even more varied price points. The result — the average consumer is flooded with options, and choosing the best model might be a challenge. 

One of the key factors that we tend to consider is the capacity of its RAM. Although the notion that bigger the RAM, better the phone is quite common, we often fail to recognize that different consumers require different amounts of RAM, depending on the tasks they tend to perform on their phones. 

Hence, aiming for a phone with the largest RAM size may prove to be quite an expensive mistake, if one is not looking to perform resource-intensive tasks. Here is a comprehensive look into what RAM actually is, and how much of it is enough for the average user.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it is a very fast memory used to store various apps that one has opened since switching on their phones. The RAM stores the data of these apps, which helps us resume using them right where we left off. Naturally, the larger the space provided in the RAM, the more apps can run in the background. 

How much RAM is enough?

As discussed earlier, the amount of RAM one needs depends on the tasks they intend to perform. For example, buyers who aim to execute the likes of video editing or gaming require more RAM size in order to load the applications successfully. In normal conditions 4 GB RAM mobile works perfectly great and though the general misconception is that one needs a 12 to 16GB RAM for heavy-duty apps, it has been pointed out multiple times that this is not the case. You can run easily any heavy app on 4GB ram phone like thop tv, download latest thop tv app from here.

While a 4GB RAM mobile is good enough to carry out the basic tasks of handling social media, playing less intense games, video streaming, taking pictures and so on, a smartphone with 6 to 8GB RAM is thoroughly capable of handling more demanding jobs like intense gaming or video editing.

The other major issue with larger RAMs is heightened costs. Most of the phones with larger RAMs are costlier, as compared to the ones with lesser RAM sizes, but with the same overall configurations. Hence, one is assured to save a lot of money when they opt for a 4 to 8GB RAM mobile, rather than an 16GB one. 

Great Smartphones with 4 to 6 GB RAM 

To illustrate the point, we see that nearly all leading smartphone brands provide impressive budget phones with 4GB RAM. However, here are some of the most talked about and highly rated 4 GB RAM mobile phones. Amongst all the Mi phones under 15000 INR, the Redmi Note 9 Pro steals the spotlight. 

Touted as the best budget smartphone in the market, it comes with octa-core Snapdragon 720G processor, a 4 GB RAM, and runs on a 5020 mAh fast charging battery. The other notable models that offer good RAM sizes include the likes of Realme X7, Xiaomi Poco M3 and the Samsung Galaxy F41.

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