It Is More Fun With A Wedding DJ!

A DJ has quite a big part to play on the wedding day. There is more to it than what people usually think.

Your wedding DJ would play a critical role on your special day—and it goes beyond just playing a song to fill the dance floor. 

Truth be told, a competent wedding DJ performs a variety of tasks – several of them you may obviously notice and some that are more subtle. That is why devoting time throughout your wedding preparation process to hiring a reputable and professional wedding DJ is absolutely necessary (making a Spotify playlist, connecting the iPhone into the speakers, and then calling it a day would not do). 

The following are some of the things you might not realize that your wedding DJ could do—aside from playing famous songs.

Assists in making sure that the schedule is followed

While your wedding planner, venue, and caterer will almost definitely take the lead in developing your wedding-day itinerary, an experienced DJ will undoubtedly contribute since he or she will be aware of how long specific portions of the reception would take. Moreover, a wedding DJ is tasked with implementing as well as enforcing the timeline throughout the reception, giving announcements to guarantee that the events run on time, and modifying accordingly if there are any delays.

Play appropriate songs for the wedding ceremony and on the cocktail hour 

While there is much to be said for having a live musician for the cocktail hour and wedding ceremony, a competent wedding DJ can also play recorded music throughout these two parts of the big day. The appropriate music (and the perfect wedding DJ!) sets the tone for your ceremony, from your wedding party procession up until the time you say “I do.” Furthermore, a DJ could play light, lively music during cocktail hour that does not detract from the activity at hand—mingling, dining, and imbibing.

Provides high-tech sound equipment

Having high-quality, functional sound equipment is critical—and your wedding DJ could take care of that. Without microphones and speakers, your guests would be unable to hear your official introduction as a husband and wife, the music to your first wedding dance, the best man’s toast, and the announcement when dinner will be served or that the final song will be performed.

Provides lighting (optional)

While wedding planners usually suggest that there should be a lighting experts’ provider for more extensive demands, however, some wedding DJs include uplighting as part of their services. Uplighting is a technique that utilizes smaller lighting systems that are installed on the floor to direct light upward, highlighting the tables and dance floor. Discuss with your wedding DJ to determine whether this is something that could be offered in the package or whether you would be better off hiring a professional lighting provider.

Makes sure that all equipment is functional

There are only a few things more frustrating at a wedding ceremony than music which is either too loud, too faint, too muffled, or, in the worst-case situation, dead air caused by malfunctioning equipment. Not only do expert DJs use top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art equipment, but they also do sound checks at your wedding location well in advance of the event to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and that no awkward silences will happen.

Mood setter

To be sure, you might simplify the work of a wedding DJ by stating that they “play the music.” However, it is about much more than choosing and playing songs. The wedding DJ sets the mood for your celebration by playing the appropriate music at the appropriate times as well as reading the crowd appropriately. If you want the event to be a lot of fun, they will know exactly which tunes to play to get your guests dancing. Alternatively, if you want an old-fashioned romantic ambiance to your reception, a professional DJ will know how to achieve that vintage vibe. Moreover, an experienced wedding DJ understands precisely how to fill the dance floor when the guests become too comfy in their chairs.

Know what special songs to play and when to play it

Your wedding DJ could be an invaluable resource if you are having difficulty selecting tracks for your special dances. A seasoned DJ has firsthand knowledge of which songs will work and which do not and is up to date on the latest tunes. That is why, a couple of weeks before your wedding, it is critical to discuss with the wedding DJ to prepare your song list. For sure, your DJ would have an enormous library of musical choices available for you or for the guests to request, and the important thing is to know the appropriate music to play and when to play them.

Can double with your emcee

Master of ceremonies (alternatively referred to as the emcee) is perhaps the most important job that your wedding DJ plays. Consider your DJ as the evening’s host, point person, and cruise director, giving announcements as well as ensuring that the guests are informed about what is happening and what is coming up. Having your wedding DJ function as emcee is significantly more authoritative and competent than you shouting above the booming music, “Dinner is ready!” or “It’s time for the bouquet throw!” The guests would probably follow the directions from a professional wedding DJ and would listen to him (rather than from you or your husband), ensuring that your special day works properly and you can enjoy every moment as newlyweds.

Create song cuts and mashups

Concerned that your cake-cutting music may be a little too lengthy? Your wedding DJ will take care of everything! Would you like to begin the father-daughter dance with a mellow song and afterward surprise your guests with a Bruno Mars classic? A DJ can produce a remix specifically for you. Numerous wedding DJs are adept at making mashups, remixes, and changing song lengths to meet your specific needs.

Conceals any minor hiccups along the way

On the wedding day, things may go wrong, but fortunately, a competent wedding DJ is an expert at bringing back on the right track. For instance, your DJ could play a few additional songs to keep visitors entertained and distracted from the fact that the meal is not yet ready. When you have a professional wedding DJ and a seasoned wedding organizer, your guests will be unaware of any potentially unpleasant blunders.

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