QuickTweet: Switch Between Multiple Twitter Accounts In One Click

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that exist today, and although many just use it to follow other and consume content. We are users who handle more than one account with different purposes. Many have wanted to have a way to switch between multiple Twitter accounts in just one click, and this is precisely what makes QuickTweet .

Those who possess more than a Twitter account, we have always wished that there is a simpler way to access them from the web, without the need to log in to open the other. Unfortunately, Twitter does not support multiple sign from your site. This lack is a small headache for more than one, and has been the cause of more than a tweet posted to the wrong account.

QuickTweet is an extension for Google Chrome that allows for the easiest way possible to switch accounts on Twitter, simply by clicking a button in the toolbar of the browser extensions. Basically, QuickTweet manages our Twitter credentials and handles the login and logout process for us. We just need to add our users and passwords once for the application to address this tedious process by itself. Also, if you need to log in somewhere else via Twitter, QuickTweet also responsible for that. That is, when you install the extension, get a password manager that works exclusively with Twitter.

QuickTweet lets you configure up to 10 Twitter accounts so far, a fairly large number. After installing the extension, a new button with the Twitter logo appear on the toolbar of Google Chrome extensions. The configuration page has a form that must be filled with your username or email, a name for the account, and of course the Twitter password for each. Once you have completed all required fields, we can save the changes, and from now on when you click on the icon, we can change Twitter account just select the name from the list.

In the configuration window, there is one additional option that allows us to open the account provided in the same browser tab, we can decide whether or not mark it. It is important to never install an extension of this type on a computer with public access, and anyone else could access our Twitter passwords easily.

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