Social Networking For Music Lovers

There are many social networking sites, most of these social networks focus on people as we all know, but some social networks focus on different aspects of our lives, such as linked in that focuses on the professional or people work, this time here in BuzzyTricks let’s talk about social networking for music lovers.

The popularity of social media is undeniable and the proliferation of these for almost every part of our life. Social networks serve not only to connect with friends and share photos, videos and news. Also there to find work as Linkedin, to join a sector professionals such as doctors and even Neomed for to contact people with our same interests and tastes. In this sense, one of the most universal is music. Then a list of social networks where known musical groups, fans of your favorite artists, discover concerts.

The clearest example is Spotify, which allows you to integrate your contacts from Facebook and send to your wall the songs you are listening. Precisely web version was created by the need to have more presence in social networks. But there are many more: SoundCloud, for example, is created with the collaboration of its members, sharing songs with each other. Deezer also lets you share songs on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s see more examples of the synergy between social networks and music.

Speaking of social networks music is talking about, one of the first pages focused on the user to listen to their favorite music, but above all, discover new artists related, music from other users and be informed of their groups and singers. has undergone many changes over the years, and currently is very important the content itself. However, it continues to maintain social networking features like the ability to follow people and share your tastes, to which must be added the possibility to listen to streaming music.


The same goes for Myspace, in the beginning the social network for emerging singers. His latest redesign has become a meeting point to follow your favorite artists, discover new artists and share it all with your friends and other users of Myspace. It is noteworthy that even continue to maintain the function of accommodating and growing first-groups.


Flowd is presented as the social network of music lovers. Available via the web as well as an application for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Nokia phones, this network serves to keep up with your artists and related events. For one, you can follow your favorite groups, discover music of the same style and share with your friends events and even talk with them through instant messaging within Flowd mobile.


Halfway between and LinkedIn, ReverbNation is a meeting place for artists, music promoters, record labels and ultimately, all actors involved in the search and launch of new promises. ReverbNation offers a virtual place to publicize your musical work. Default is free, but to squeeze all options need a paid account. As a lover of music, in this social network profiles find musicians and groups with songs, videos and the ability to follow, become a fan and publicize them on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


Similar to ReverbNation, Labbler also serves as a common place for music lovers, singers and promoters. As a user, you can discover music, follow individual singers and groups, share their songs on social networks keep up with their news, among other things, and as a singer can let you know, connect with other groups or with promoters, etc.. As a social network, has a history of actions on your profile, a system of public comments to the songs and the ability to send and receive messages. Maybe some of these social networks fit your needs.

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