Some Of The Best Launchers For Android

One of the main advantages of Android over other mobile operating systems like iOS or Windows Phone, are the vast amount of customization options that these devices offer, and the fact that you are extremely accessible features and simple to apply to any user, make possible for every smartphone can feel truly unique.In Android, in launcher and application launcher is the application that manages your desktop and organizes your applications. There are a huge number of alternatives, and for some time the most popular as ADW, Go Launcher, Launcher Pro, Apex, Nova, etc. ., have focused on offer almost the same features and benefits, they also offer many options, which sometimes prove overwhelming for the user less tanning.

These five launchers for Android that I show below are characterized by their innovative approach and somewhat separated from the line to which we are accustomed.

Themer of MyColorScreen

If you’re a fan of Android customization, you must be more than familiar with MyColorScreen, a site that has become obligatory reference for modding enthusiasts in their gadgets. Themer is a project developed by this small and growing startup located in California, with the goal of making our screens in Android, beautiful, functional and personal. What makes Themer special is its huge community of talented designers, able to make amazing changes in their desks. Thanks to this, Themer puts all these complex configurations available to any user with a single click .

For now Themer is in beta, and is accessible by invitation only. You can download the application from Google Play, to request access register your email address, and wait for a code to start using it .Themer only supports Android 4.1 and higher.


Aviate is a new launcher also in beta and available only by invitation. Aviate highlighted by the different approach when you have to organize your desktop. It works intelligently, simplifying as much as possible our screens, adding only what we use most during the day.

Aesthetic customization options are few, but the goal of Aviate not that, but to simplify the way we access to everything. Aviate rearranges your desktop in 3 simple screens: one principal to which you can add a decorative image of your choice that shows the applications you use most, besides collecting important information for you during the day, a second where you organize your applications into categories and in which you can move like the different icons and a third which lists all the apps you have installed in alphabetical order.

Aviate has a very neat interface, for those looking for convenience and simplicity, is a great option to replace the boring default launcher their smartphones.

Smart Laucher

Smart Launcher is another simple launcher designed to help you organize your applications into categories. It has a nice dock side by which you can slide your finger to navigate through the different groups of applications. The animations are nice and fluid.Besides this Smart Launcher is highly customizable, since it is compatible with the vast amount of themes and icons for other launchers classics like ADW, Launcher Pro, Apex and Nova.

Facebook Home

This layer of customization you think Facebook to include with your “half failed” smartphone, has evolved gradually and increasingly includes more features. For users who can not live without your social network privacy invasive preferred Facebook Home can be a very interesting alternative, and its interface is quite nice .In the latest update was added integration with Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Besides this you can decide whether to use Facebook Home alone on the lock screen or as application launcher.


SSKIN is a launcher with relatively simple functions, does the same as the usual suspects, you can add multiple desktops, widgets, arrange the icons on your desktop as you see fit, etc.. SSKIN What makes it stand out, and the reason why I decided to include it in this list, is the wide range of issues are there, and so these are peculiar .SSKIN has a separate application that acts as a store of skins, where you can find a large selection of different styles that will delight more than a geek. Although installation is not mandatory, and you can find the skins directly on Google Play.

There are so many styles ultra geeks, you can spend hours browsing, and finally decide to download them all because they are hilarious. Some issues that leave you a bit confused, but after all, is an application developed by Asians.

And no, I did not include Buzz launcher, because although Themer came first, focus, potential community of designers and selected aspects of this I seem superior, and despite being a beta, personally I put above. Don’t forget to leave your comments.

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