Top 11 Signs That Give Away Evil People

Everyone wants to believe in their own discernment. We are convinced that we can easily recognize evil and deceitful people in our surroundings. But true evil is sometimes cleverly disguised in various ways, making us bitterly disappointed.

What are the signs that make it possible to distinguish evil with greater or lesser certainty? Of course, it’s necessary to believe that people in general are good and nice and sincerely wish us happiness and prosperity. But it doesn’t hurt at all to check sometimes.

Own Reality

It’s as if such people live in a parallel world – and that would be ok, and for good health. But they stubbornly and persistently impose their ideas on other people, convincing everyone in their rightness and breaking through the armor of your energy defense. A truly insidious character will try to make you start doubting the truth of everything that happens to you: in what you do and say, in the facts from the past. And the truth will be so skillfully mixed with lies, that you won’t be sure of anything.

Fact Twisting

Evil and manipulative people are good at manipulating facts. They will make a half-truth out of the truth, not too far from an outright lie, but all information will be presented with crystal-clear eyes and a soulful voice. To take a phrase out of context, to swap the facts, to slightly embellish one fact, to substitute another. Insidious people are real masters of this.

Insincerity and Reticence

Evil people don’t lie outright – no, just the information that isn’t beneficial to them for any reason, they may not voice or even hide. There will be nothing to complain about: in the case of detection of hidden information, they just make surprised eyes: after all, you haven’t asked a question, they had every right not to give an answer. The importance of hidden information can be any.

Over Persuasion

When a situation reaches a stalemate that threatens the reputation of the manipulator or jeopardizes the relationship they want, they may start to change your mind or outright mislead you.

There can be no sentiment here: evil people often lie. It doesn’t matter for what reason: out of habit, out of profit of any kind, or because they themselves believe what they’re saying.

Double Life

Sometimes it turns out that a loved one has two faces. And there are two lives, if not more. During the day, a person is a successful entrepreneur, and in the evening, he is a bettor at Bet22. And no one knows exactly which of the masks – the real and when he is sincere. It may turn out that never. And with no one.

Avoidance of Responsibility

No, they aren’t responsible for what they do. In fact, they will accuse you of the same thing and you will really feel guilty. And unhappy.


They have no equal in this. They accurately calculate the strategy and skillfully manipulate, stopping at nothing if they need to achieve their goals.

Failure to Be Friends

Even if they give the impression of a friendly benevolent person, they don’t know how to be friends. If they show sympathy or help someone – it happens only when it’s profitable or useful to evil people.


Evil people don’t know how to feel pity for anyone. Not even themselves, but that does not make us feel any better. They use people in their interests – hard and ruthlessly.


When an evil character knows that you’re busy, he will do anything to distract you from your deadline. Why? Simply because he feels like it.

Complete Control

Evil people are obsessed with the idea of controlling everything and everyone. It’s understandable – it’s easier to manipulate and control the weak and submissive. They won’t even ask questions.

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