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Top 5 Ways to Measure Your Site’s UX

User experience works as an integral part of the better performance of your site. It is an essential element for the web design and for the management, which has a greater impact on the site’s ranking and conversion rate.  Website users are all your potential customers. Their ease of navigating through your website has a positive impact on your site’s performance. When a user fails to find the answers to their queries when they visit your site, or they go through a bad experience, it increases the bounce rate of the site. Whenever a user struggles to use your site, it can affect your conversion. Thus it is of higher importance to measure the UX of your site on a time-to-time basis. Availing service from UX Agency for measuring the UX can improve your site’s performance. Here is how you can perform the effective UX measuring on your site:

  1. Assess your user interaction with the forms:

The website forms are one of the most popular ways to contact your customer. They sign up with the forms for more information and special offers on your site. Also, they ask for quotes or the specifications for a particular product. One of the easier ways to find out what your customers are thinking about your website is to use the various tools. It will tell you the information about which forms the users are not completing. Running such a survey helps you to interact with your user and at the same time offers insight about what to improve and whatnot.

  1. Go for the usability testing:

To measure the UX of your site, usability testing is one of the most important ways to conduct effective research. It is more valuable to get feedback from your people, which helps in the improvement of your website. You can reach out to your loyal customers to test the usability of your website. You can ask them to navigate through your site and fill out all the forms, or they can complete a purchase from your site. Determining what is working and what is not, which steps your users are unable to complete and which are the most time-consuming ones will help you to measure your UX properly. Based on what your users want to do on your site, you may look out for feedback. Make use of those feedbacks.

  1. Consider how users are navigating through your website:

It is simply going to be great to know what your visitors are doing on your website and how they are clicking on the areas when they visit your site. To measure your UX, it works as much valuable insight. Using the right tool can tell you where people are clicking on your website. It gives you a better idea of how your layout and designs are performing. You must look for which are the specific layout colors that are attracting more attention and what your users are avoiding on your site.

  1. Track the page vows and the time on your page:

As your users are willing to spend their time on your site, it is a positive sign that your site is useful and easy to navigate. It is important to offer them a very comfortable and enjoyable experience on your site so that they visit multiple pages. As you start with measuring the UX, you must know how long the website session must last. However, the long time on your page results can also indicate something serious for your page. Look for the other indicators, such as users are choosing to go out of your site after viewing a particular page to measure the UX properly.

  1. Track the page load speed for measuring the UX:

If you want your users to stick to your website and see what you have to offer, then your website should load quickly. Page load speed is one of the most crucial elements to ensure that your users have a better experience on your site. A site that takes much time to load is surely going to fail in creating a good user experience. Thus it is important to focus on the fast loading speed to know how your UX is performing.


The UX on your site is one of the main determiners of how your site is performing on the search results. To make your site highly functioning and to create a good user experience to get a better conversion rate, it is important to measure the UX from time to time.

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