Types Of Spring Washers

Washers are used in all kinds of construction projects, and these simple discs play a big role in securing connections and retaining tension. Additionally, washers help to equalize pressure to prevent over-tightening that can lead to damage and imbalance. While spring washers are some of the most common types of washers used across a variety of industries, you may be surprised to learn that there are actually different types of spring washers. If you want to go look for more washers you might be interested to take a look at Hotsy Equipment Company.

If you’re looking for a fastener solution for your next project, you’ll also be happy to know that you can source spring washers today from a variety of retailers, including Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. Washers can be ordered online in a number of different styles and can be delivered right to your door with a satisfaction guarantee. Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. is one of the most respected spring washers manufacturers around, and the company prides itself on excellent products and customer service.

Below are a few different types of spring washers that can make your next building project or repair a breeze:

Cupped Spring Washers

The cupped spring washer is also known as the Belleville washer. Its design features a conical shape with edges that slope down. The degree of the slope varies depending on the use, but it typically measures out at a fairly wide angle. The benefit of using a cupped spring washer is that the conical shape offers axial force to even out pressure in high-tension environments. Some Belleville washers will also feature serrated edges to provide additional grip for locking.

Curved Spring Washers

Curved spring washers look similar to cupped spring washers, but the difference is that the curved variety only features deformation along the edge across one axis. Instead of being conical, the curved spring washer only makes four points of contact since two points meet the bottom curves and two points meet the top curves. These types of spring washers are ideal for light applications where not too much pressure is exerted.

Annealed Steel Washers

While not a specific type of spring washer, annealed spring steel washers have gone through the annealment process to reduce hardness. This process involves complex chemical and material changes, but the basic process involves heating steel to a specific point to induce atomic changes. Annealed spring steel washers undergo this process to improve their ability to resist pressure and impact through increased ductility.

Spring Lock Washers

A spring lock washer features a helical design that incorporates a split at one point. Through the helical design, a spring lock washer resembles one coil of an actual spring. The benefit of using this type of spring washer is that it creates greater friction between two points due to the split. One point of contact pushes against the bolt head or nut while the other presses against the surface that is being fastened against. These types of washers are also beneficial in that they allow for easier hand-tightening compared to other types of washers.

Should You Use Spring Washers?

While there are different types of spring washers available, this type of washer may not be suitable for all projects. If you’re unsure about what type of fastener to use or whether a spring washer is a good fit, you’re encouraged to contact an expert at Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. to discuss your needs. A friendly hardware specialist can discuss your project needs and make recommendations to help you find the perfect washer. You’re also encouraged to consult with any instruction manuals that have come along with tools and equipment you’re using to complete your project for more information.

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