We talk so much about the digital age and the importance of innovative technology to advance in life; but sometimes I fear that the more we learn the less we understand because technology seems to have overtaken our lives and left us wondering where we actually are. The computer case for instance is just another case for us. But for those in the know, ATX Computer Cases are the ones to have. They’re the latest evolution in cases and you can pick one to match your room, your hair, or even one to suit your particular mood.

Technologically speaking, ATX Computer cases require an ATX motherboard and in order to accommodate this, the cases are built in with ports that slip into place at the back of the case wall. ATX computer cases are made out of see through material so that the different colored LED lights which connect the various components to the motherboard light up when the machine is switched on.

Inside this case is where you find the CPU Processor Fans as well. Computers, as everyone know are very temperamental. Too much heat means the temperature rises and it is in order to keep the insides cool by dissipating the hot air within the case that the CPU Processor Fans are fixed inside. These fans also help to distribute cool air across and over components while expelling hot air from the rear.

What’s nice about modern fans is that you can get them in various colors and designs to match your mood or whatever it is that you want matched. Another important component is the Graphics card which in most cases has the built in ability to handle two dimensional images for creating various documents and for online browsing. But those who require more from their computers such as video and movie editing, cropping of images and photo shop etc. will require a Graphics card that has more power in which case it will have to be installed separately.

A Graphics card is also essential to play computer games and if gamers find that the cards they already have offer poor performance they should have it upgraded or changed for better performance.Many computer users have questions about Computer RAM and one of their main queries is how much RAM is required to run a program. This is easy to find because the program statistics always state the minimum requirement that is needed while suggesting that it would work better with extra RAM.

Computer RAM however is not as trustworthy as storage memory because in case power goes off suddenly, everything stored in the RAM goes as well. Now all these babies are kept within the all important motherboard and that’s why it’s important to purchase a brand motherboard so that you can be sure of technical support from the manufacturer in case something goes wrong.

A brand motherboard is highly recommended even if you have to pay extra because in the long term you will not have to worry about the company folding up or vanishing in the night. Finally we approach the subject of the Computer speaker which we all have had problems with one way or other at some point. Loss of sound is in most cases due to something simple like a lose connection, power supply or the speakers gone bad. If all of these are working fine, you can check the sound card to see if it has become corrupt. Once the problem is sorted out, you will find that your Computer Speaker works as well as before.

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