Why Would You Want To Join a Walking Club? 

The popularity of organised walking clubs has exploded all across Australia and they are particularly prominent in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. It seems that these days there is a club for just about everything and walking has proven to be one of the most popular.

Have you ever considered joining a walking club? Maybe you’re wondering what the benefits of walking clubs are?

This article will be taking a closer look at walking clubs and the many benefits and advantages of being an active member of one near you. 

It’s All About Getting Exercise

One of the main reasons why anyone goes on regular walks is to get exercise. Not just exercise, but exercise that’s low impact. While jogging can be a great way to trim off extra body fat and build cardiovascular fitness, jogging is not for everyone and going on regular, brisk walks is a fantastic alternative.

Whether it’s a casual walk, walking at a brisk pace or a power walk, walking is one of the very best low impact exercises there is to burn calories and improve overall health and general fitness.

 You Won’t Have To Walk Alone

We’ve established that walking is indeed good exercise, but it can get rather boring and lonely always walking the park or the neighbourhood by yourself. That’s one of the key reasons why joining an organised walking group is so beneficial. You will never have to trudge the streets by yourself ever again if you don’t want to. While you may still go out for solo walks, you know that at certain times and on certain days of the week, you can meet up with your walking club and embark on a group walk.

Members Can Motivate Each Other

When you’re out and about walking with others, you’ll naturally motivate one another to keep going, to keep pushing, improving your fitness levels as you gradually start to walk faster and for longer.

Most walking groups will cater to different fitness levels on different days. One day of the week might be tailored for people who are just starting out on their walking journey, while other days there might be more advanced walks that are faster paced, possibly up and down inclines and involve walking for extended periods.

No matter what walking fitness level you’re at, there will be a club and a walking session that suits you. And you will have your new walking buddies by your side to keep you focused and motivated every step of the way.

You’ll Make Some Cool New Friends

One of the major advantages of joining any type of social club is it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends among those that share a similar interest or passion to yourself. A walking club is no different, so you’re bound to forge some fantastic new relationships among your walking peers. With these newfound friends in your life, you’ll expand your social circle and have people to hang out with on other occasions as well. 

Explore Different Locations

Another cool thing about being a part of an organised group of avid walkers is you can all explore different locations around your area. Rather than constantly trudging the same beat over and over again, you can all arrange to meet up at various locations around town, or even get out of town and go for a hike in the mountains or wilderness area for something different and some fresh air. Everyone can offer input regarding locations your group could try.

How To Find a Walking Club

Walking clubs are located everywhere, especially in urban areas of the country. The easiest way to locate an organised walking group near you is to perform a quick online search. As an example, if you’re located in Sydney, try searching the following terms:

You could even get more specific and include your suburb.

The Wrap

Walking is one of the best exercises there is and you can do it anywhere. Like most things, getting out for regular walks is a lot more fun when shared with others, so consider joining a walking club today.

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