Why You Should Invest In Employee Wellness

As new trends in employment spring up across the globe, many employers are implementing workplace wellness programs both remote and in-person employees can use to improve their overall wellness. Research shows these employee wellness programs mean higher productivity, reduced absenteeism, and higher employee morale. If you own a business or are a business reason, there are many reasons to consider implementing wellness incentive program at your company. For just a few reasons it’s smart to invest in employee wellness through wellness incentive programs at the office, read on.

Increase productivity.

Increase productivity

One of the top reasons employers are taking a second look at employee wellness programs is because their health benefits are translating into higher productivity rates. With employees living healthier lives and taking care of their mental and physical wellbeing, they’re more focused on their work. The same way a health plan works to prevent or divert chronic illness and keep a person healthier, these programs are helping employees to take a second look at their overall health and consider things like blood pressure, weight loss, and changing behaviors.

Whether it’s due to smoking cessation plans, a plant-based diet, or simply losing weight due to the company fitness challenge, employees who participate in wellness incentive programs are more focused than others.

Improve morale.

Improve morale

Employees are proving to be happier in companies that offer these programs, too. The reality is that when an employer takes the extra time to care about an employee’s mental health, health risks, and more, employees feel more valued. Something as simple as adding a new water cooler and regular water delivery to a break room with medical information on the benefits of staying hydrated on the job can go a long way in sending the message that employee health is important to your company.

Reduce absenteeism.

Reduce absenteeism

These programs come in all shapes and forms. Where some companies will even offer financial incentives to team members who participate in health programs, others are less formal. You can encourage workplace wellness and stress management simply by having speakers come in or by providing health information on healthy lunches. How you build your program is entirely a matter of budget and what works for your company and employees. Many businesses begin by asking employees what they’d like to see to encourage employee participation and interest.

In the end, what this hard work adds up to is fewer absences. When employees are engaging in health behaviors both in and outside of work, they get sick less. A combination of health education and offering solid health care plans is a great way to keep absences to a minimum, which ends up saving your company in the long run.

Encourage networking.

While the benefits to these programs can be tracked through things like lower blood pressure or better cholesterol, many employers are reporting that an added perk to health incentive programs is that they build teams. When employees gather in a conference room to learn about healthy eating or attend a conference on chronic conditions, they naturally network. For many employers, collaborating with other businesses in the area or through a Chamber of Commerce is a great way to keep employees connected and inspired.

At the end of the day, there’s no way to one hundred percent ensure a healthier work environment. However, in making employee wellness a clear priority for your company, you’ll be increasing your odds of happier and more productive workers. By investing in the physical and mental health of those who work hard for your business, you’ll be giving back to yourself and your company as well. Now is a fantastic time to think about implementing a wellness package for your business’s health.

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