How to Fix Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Windows 10

While handling some important projects, we make the PC work for us to the fullest. With the new software updates, there are some minor errors or breakdowns bound to happen in the software, and thus it results in some major crashes after a certain period.

Here, we will see that how exactly the windows 10 explorer crashing and what is the reason behind windows 10 explorer that keeps crashing. We also have the solution to the windows 10 file explorer crash so that you can resume your projects without any crash interruptions. And you can also check “This copy of Windows is Not Genuine“.

Windows 10 Explorer Crash:

internet explorer keeps crashing windows 10

We have seen many PC users complain about sudden crash down of the windows 10 explorer and this happens while they work on some projects. While using Windows 10, we have often come across minor files or software crashes which become the interruptions in working on some important projects.

We have solved or troubleshoot those minor errors, but when windows 10 explorer keeps crashing, we know that we are in big trouble. We search for troubleshoots or solutions to fix the problem but the methods to solve goes into vain.

And we see that the breakdown is sudden when the task-bar and windows explorer tabs disappear suddenly from the screen. Often we mistake that it is the window 10 explorer that gets crash but then after a lot research, we found out that it is the windows 10 file explorer that gets crash. Now we know the exact problem, so we have to just search for the best solution. Once the problem is acknowledged, the search for the solution becomes easy.

Method To Troubleshoot/Fix The Problem Of Windows 10 File Explorer Crash

We have tried and tested the method for windows 10 explorer crash by CTRL + SHIFT + ESC which will enable you to run the task manager and to bring up the recovery options we tried the fix shutdown /r /o but still, the problem was not fixed. That is why we tried the method that was already inclined in the system log.

Method 1: Find The Culprit App & Uninstall it

Get The Access To The Control Panel

windows explorer keeps crashing windows 10

If there is no access to the start button, then you can run the task of ‘CONTROL’ and the click BROWSE. And here you can see many tricks related to Computers like “How To Unlock Windows PC from Android or iPhone?

Click ‘System And Security’ Settings On The Left Side Of The Control Panel

windows 10 file explorer closing by itself

If you do not find the system and system security settings directly on the panel, then just click any of the groups randomly.

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Under Administrative Tools, Click View Event Logs

windows explorer keeps crashing windows 10

Find The Application Error Log And Find The Event Level With “Error”

After viewing the event log, you can find the event level with error, which can be caused by model “C:\WINDOWS\system32\IDTNC64.cpl”.

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Uninstall & Reboot

After getting the file uninstall it and reboot the system. The problem will be gone.

NEW: Alternatively, You Can Open The Task Manager And Run “eventvwr“. This step is quick and does not require to follow the first 3 steps of the method.

We have several different methods to fix the problem of windows 10 file explorer crash in the PC/ laptop. If the above method does not work for you, check out the other methods that can serve as alternatives to the above method.

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Method 2: Changing Display Settings

First, we will try the very basic fix for the windows 10 explorer crash.

  • In the start menu search box, type display settings
  • Click on the display settings
  • Change the size of apps, texts, and other items to 100% or 200% but not at 175%
  • Windows 10 explorer keeps crashing problems should get a fix.

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Method 3: Clear File Explorer History Of Windows

If with method 1, you are not able to troubleshoot the windows 10 explorer crash, you can opt for this method.

  • Go to control panel from the start button
  • Now go to the file explorer options
  • Clear file explorer history
  • This will clear your file explorer history and thus the problem of windows 10 file explorer crash will be fixed.

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Method 4: Launch Folder Window In Different Process

Many windows 10 user might not be able to fix the windows 10 file explorer crash by clearing the file explorer history. So here, you can launch the folder windows in the separate process.

  • Check into the file explorer
  • Click the View tab and then click folder options
  • Again click on the view tab and tick the launch folder window in the different process.
  • Now click apply at the bottom of the dialog box

This is the last possible method to fix windows 10 file explorer crash. If you have any doubt then you can comment at the bottom.

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With all the above methods, you can definitely check for the troubleshooting of windows 10 explorer crash on the PC. We are sure that at least one of the above methods will work for the windows 10 file explorer crash. And still, windows 10 explorer keeps crashing then there are chances that you need the update software i.e. Windows 10. Share this piece of information with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, or Google, and if you try this, and still there is a problem, then please comment below;

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