Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review 2021

There is no doubt that with advanced technology, we have various options for making our work easy. The digital market has risen very efficiently in a short duration, and we cannot be less grateful for the rapid advances in the automation hi-tech.

For every working class, we have digital resources, giving less importance to the manual work to achieve perfection in the established labor. Between all these advances, we have one great technology to share wondershare video converter.

The Wondershare video converter is the multi-video utility software. Apart from being just a video converter, the Wondershare is the DVD ripper & burner, video editor, and online video downloader. All these utilities come as the complete package with a Wondershare video converter. The natural, simple yet modern interface, straightforward navigating tabs, and functions make the beginners feel like professional. The drag and drop feature allows you to add files and videos.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

In this article, we are going to review the important and significant features of the Wondershare video converter ultimate- video converter, DVD burner, online video downloader, and Wondershare player.

This review will help you to get the proper execution for download and installing the software on the device, and also you will get to know which feature works best with the software. So, now let’s start reviewing the Wondershare video converter ultimate software.



Every type of media file, whether common or uncommon, is accepted by Wondershare Software. The most acceptable standard media file formats are MPEG, MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, etc. Even the rarely used file formats are accepted by the software- NSV, and RealMedia. You can easily convert Avi to mp4 using these guidelines.

The other feature of the video converter is loading the DVD from your DVD drive, or folder; ISO/ IFO files. We think that under the video converter function, the acceptance of every kind of media file is the best offer from the software.

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You can convert the video to any virtual format with the help of 158 output options. The output options are nothing but conversion templates along with optimized settings used in the background on certain platforms like iPhone, LG TV series, Samsung Galaxy series, PS3, PSP, etc.

Not only this, with the help of a 2D or 3D converter, you can convert the normal videos to 3D format/ resolution. You can wrap the videos with individual customization and modification tools before converting to any virtual format.

free wondershare video converter

The software has introduced the tools like crop, flip, rotate, add watermark, add effect, add a title, and after the changes are made, you can view them with the output preview. All such features make the software a handy tool, which can be used by everyone when necessary. If suppose you are the person, who is the professional video recorder and holds the business of it, then you might be concerned with the speed at which video can be converted on a regular basis.

To provide you with an accurate result, we have conducted one comparison test of the Wondershare with another great video converter software- HandBrake.

wondershare free video converter

In conducting the comparison test, we had used identical video files, and under the same video conversion settings, we started the experiment on both converters. The result was-

  • Wondershare video converter ultimate took 4 min 50 sec to convert the 2.5 minutes long MP4 video into MKV format.
  • Handbrake video converter took around 15 min 17 sec to convert the same video file.

While conducting such an experiment, we had used the mid-end laptop with a low CPU clock speed for better results. The test was completely for the Wondershare video converter ultimate software, but we had noticed certain quality loss while converting the video.

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For this feature, we will describe what is included in it, as we have reviewed the functionalities of the DVD burner feature.

  • You can add the DVD menu with the pre-designed templates.
  • Adding the graphical or audio file in the background is also a great function of the DVD burner.
  • While you have already started the burn process, you cannot configure much, except modifying the aspect ratio and quality settings like high quality, fit to disc, high standard, etc.
  • In the DVD burner, what we found the missing functionality is the inability to change the blazing speed.

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For this feature, we would like to give 100 on 100, because the online video downloader of the Wondershare video converter ultimate software does not disappoint its users.

  • It is the most used by users who like to download and watch web videos.
  • The videos can be downloaded with the help of proper browser extensions. To download the browser extension, the software will prompt you. Otherwise, just copy the video URL and then paste it onto the converter window. We tried to download videos from popular video-sharing websites, and the results were excellent.


This is the optional and additional feature of the video converter product. It is not necessary to have the Wondershare Player if you have installed its primary product. You can uninstall the player anytime you want since it is a separate media player.

The reason why the player is included in the product is to test the quality of the converted videos on an immediate basis. There are certain features which we liked most in comparison with the VLC media player:

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • All the key file formats are supportable.
  • Sleek interface, powerful as well as fast video player.

Download Links: Windows | Mac


The software comes with a free 30-days trial version, and you can check all the features and functionalities by yourself. The trial version, though limits the complete access of the Wondershare video converter ultimate software, the premium version will be the best option if you are a professional. As a professional, if you are looking for all the best video utilities which are mentioned here, then Wondershare is the best solution for you.

You will only have to compromise with converted video quality; otherwise, the software is perfect.

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