3 Things Every College Student Living on Campus Needs

Living on campus is a privilege that many millions of U.S. and Canadian college students get to experience every year. Dorm life is an exciting and essential part of the college experience, and settling into your new home as a college freshman or otherwise is a rite of passage that many cherish long into adulthood.

Getting the college experience right takes some adjustment though, and with these three areas of focus, this can be done with ease and grace. Read on to learn how to nail the move onto campus and the many cherished memories that are sure to follow.

  1. Use a meal plan for tailored nutritional schedules.

A meal plan is one of the best additions you can make to your on-campus living needs. Students in dorms and on-campus apartments need to eat—just like everyone else—yet kitchen amenities aren’t always available in great supply. Most dorm rooms don’t have anything in the way of kitchen equipment, and the buildings themselves sometimes include a kitchen room and in other instances do not.

A meal plan is the perfect workaround for your eating needs when cooking isn’t an option. Colleges know that their students need nutritional meals that can be tailored to a wide variety of schedules. Many dining halls on campus will boast extended hours, a vast selection of menu items, and varied servings throughout the day, week, and month. With a meal plan, buying your helpings in advance gives you access to all the food you need throughout the semester, and at a great discount. As well, the food at college dining halls is often incredibly tasty!

  1. Add an emergency credit card.

Emergencies happen, even in the best of times. Having an emergency credit card to fall back on in the event of a flat tire, last-minute plane or train ticket, or sudden need for a few expensive books can be a lifesaver in one of many tight situations. Credit cards for students in Canada are a staple in educational circles. These financial products often come with low interest rates as promotional or standard features, and a credit card can provide a strong foundation for building a great credit history that will unlock future borrowing opportunities.

Your credit score is built on the borrowing history that you’ve already created, so adding a student credit card is the perfect way to start this trail early and begin it with responsible habits that will last for the long term. An emergency credit card is a must while studying in college, and the benefits of this inclusion will follow you throughout your lifetime.

  1. Get insoles to support your foot health.

Foot health is crucial when approaching life on a college campus. You’ll be doing tons of walking as a student, and each day presents a new path through the campus and beyond. With PowerStep insoles, getting the arch support and foot pain relief that you need is simple and effective. For many in college, the campus will be many times larger than the high school you just graduated from. Walking will become a normal part of your life, but the distances are often far greater than many are accustomed to. In the first months, this can cause intense stress on your feet and ankles. With an insole that targets heel and arch support, making the most of your days on campus doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health and comfort.

With these three great additions, turning over to the next chapter of your life is simple and enjoyable. Get started with these inclusions today.

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