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5 Hot Career Paths in The Tech Industry for The Next Decade

The IT industry is one of the leading industries in the world, progressing with tremendous leaps and bounds. There is no wonder that it also happens to be one of the fastest-growing industry. The technological advancements of our era are rapidly penetrating every industry. It explains why technology dominates several fields and sectors. Ultimately, many students are turning towards tech-related education to pursue a lucrative career. The Tech industry is a popular choice among the new generation as it offers high salaries, career growth opportunities, and job satisfaction.

Additionally, those seeking to enter this field pursue higher education to land key positions in renowned organizations. It helps them hone their critical skills and develop an in-depth understanding of the complexities of information technology. With emerging technologies making their place in every industry, professionals must remain updated with new developments. And what would be a better approach than continuing education to learn of all the latest advancements? Therefore, if you are eager to venture into the field of technology, we have some in-demand tech career paths for you.

Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer 

Artificial intelligence (AI), in literal terms, means the simulation of human intelligence within machines, programming them to think like humans. Thus, AI engineering is the study and practice of building machines capable of smart and intelligent functions assisting human work.

Artificial intelligence engineering has one of the highest growth rates out of all the tech industry jobs. Why? Because the future is all about innovation. From phones and applications to real-life assistants, everything will consist of intelligent machines, software, and even robot. The median salary of an artificial intelligence engineer is about $146,000. Therefore, if this field heightens your interest, you will need a computer science or engineering degree to pursue AI engineering in the future.

  1. Data Scientist 

Engineering isn’t the only field that can land you in the tech industry. Many professionals are now eagerly pursuing education in the field of data sciences. There are many master of data science jobs, such as a career as a data scientist, compelling people to enter this field. A data scientist gathers and analyzes vast data and utilizes mathematics and statistics to present findings. They identify trends and patterns in data and process them to make critical decisions. Their analysis eventually turns into information that can help make actionable strategies and plans. Data scientists are in demand in almost every industry, making this career a desirable choice. The average salary of a data scientist is $116,000. Data Science Course online will enable you to become skilled at Data Science, R programming language, Data Analysis, Big Data, and much more. This will allow you to advance your career in this ever-changing field and move this to the next step.

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientists 

A computer and information research scientist is typically responsible for finding out problems and lags in computer designs and developing models and theories to resolve them. In the fast-moving tech industry, computer and information research scientists serve as essential assets. They determine the computer’s requirements and needs so that they can fix related issues efficiently.

Technically, the work of a computer and information scientist is theoretical as compared to other practical fields. But scientists in this field can find high-paying jobs in computer and tech designing firms, research departments, and even the education sector. The average earning of a computer and information research scientist is $122,000, making it another high-paying job in the industry.

  1. DevOps Engineer 

DevOps is a set of operations that combine IT operations and software development intending to lessen the life cycle of system development programs. The aim is to provide high-quality results with little to no time lags and problems. The job of a DevOps engineer is to manage and balance the tools, processes, and developmental needs of the software during the development life cycle. DevOps engineering is a broad field that includes jobs like coding, software maintenance, software deployment, and update-making processes. DevOps engineers must possess analytical skills to automate tools and resolve complex operational problems.

A career in DevOps engineering offers growth and stability, making it a popular choice among tech enthusiasts.

  1. Computer Network Architect 

Computer network architects are responsible for developing plans, layouts, and operational strategies to smooth communication and data networks. Typically, no one would link architect with computer science, but deciding the designs for network lines is essential. The job of a computer network architect mainly revolves around their office, where they work out plans and strategies to establish and maintain a secure network. But they also spend time in the server room, which adds a practical aspect to this field.

The median salary of computer network architects is $115,000, which adds to the list of other high-paying tech jobs. To pursue this field, you will need a degree in computer science and data security.


The tech industry is advancing drastically and rapidly transforming the current era. It happens to be the most critical industry, and technological advancements play a crucial role in the present age. All of this makes a career in tech high in demand. It serves as the perfect choice for people seeking a secure future while working in exciting fields. Therefore, if you wish to keep pace with the developments of our era, the tech field should be your priority. You can enter into challenging areas such as artificial engineering or pursue fundamental roles such as network architect.

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