5 non-banal tips for launching ads

The active transition of society to the online world is hard not to notice, and at the same time, it is difficult not to take advantage of such a chance. There are many advertising methods on the web that work well but require careful selection. You can choose an affiliate program, targeting, or the usual head-on advertising, but no matter what option you choose, try to be creative.

Make the most of social media

Instagram, Telegram, young Tik Tok, and the “grandfather” of social networks Facebook can promote you very quickly. Each network has its algorithms for impressions, promotion, as well as moderation features (there are many pitfalls in the same FB, for which it is easy to get banned).

Use networks differently, but keep an eye on what is more relevant – Insta stories, ads from young bloggers on TikTok, native advertising on FB, etc. Find the option that best suits your product and promote it on several social networks at once in different ways.

Find modern, relevant ways to advertise

Pop-ups, ad units on the side of the page, and banners are already used by people, so you need to look for a new approach. At the peak – affiliate programs. They do not require a large infusion of funds to launch advertising and give a good result. In addition to collabs with bloggers and streamers, you can use large-scale affiliate programs. They are offered by many marketplaces, brands, and websites. For example, the casino affiliate CPA Parimatch is suitable for people involved in gambling. And programs from travel companies are appropriate for air ticket sellers. Look for a similar industry and start mutually beneficial cooperation.

Follow the trends

Online advertising is designed for people of all ages. But if we talk about the overwhelming majority, then these are people aged 12-40 years. They quickly learn new things, easily forget the old and keep up with the times. In this regard, pay attention to trends. If Tik Tok has come into fashion, then look for bloggers there and create collaborations. If video creatives are in trend, then take the time to create a bright, short presentation video.

It is important when chasing trends to leave the “face” of your product. You should not cross the line of culture and try to advertise a beauty blog from a scandalous vulgar side or promote a health site through resources with an erotic bias. You need to stay in your niche, and not blindly follow trends, no matter how popular and effective they are in promotion.

Don’t Forget Emotions

Modern people respond well to emotions. If you want to attract users to your site or customers to your store, then make emotional advertising. A life story that will evoke feelings, the joy of a person who won the jackpot in a casino, the admiration of a client who received a stunning apartment renovation – show all this colorfully, and not just describe the essence. In this case, the chance that a person will click on the specified link (banner, ad-block) increases several times.

Video is an advertiser’s best friend

The fashion for short videos swallowed everyone up. People don’t read long posts, scroll through a lot of photos, or open videos that are longer than three minutes. Therefore, master the ability to briefly, vividly, and dynamically state the essence in a video lasting 10-60 seconds. The optimal video length is 30 seconds. Any social network, website, and page on the Internet will accept this format. If the user is interested in the video, he will immediately follow the link to learn more about the product.

It is not so easy to promote offers with the help of advertising on the Internet, because people are tired of calls and pop-ups. Be creative to increase your chances of success and reach your target audience.

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