5 things that can be considered as a good investment in 2021

One of the most popular ways to ensure the flow of income is investments. Investments, as the name suggests, means putting money into something that will bring you good returns. Today, there are several things that you can invest in that will give you good returns and help you maintain a source of income. If you are looking to invest your money into something, then here’s our top give picks for 2021.

Real estate

Although the real estate sector was hit hard in the past year, there is a high possibility that it may start seeing growth in the next year. The reason why it is a good idea to invest in real estate now is because the prices of the properties are low right now, so making a purchase will be easier. f you are willing to buy and maintain the property, the rentals and asset appreciation can prove to be a powerful source of cash when you need it. Additionally, there are tax benefits for investment properties, link a tax depreciation schedule Sydney from a quantity surveyor helping you increase your tax deductibles.

Side business

Very often, having a side business is not considered as an investment, but in reality it requires the investment of your time, effort and money. The beginning might be difficult, but after you reach the breakeven point, you will have additional income with which you can pay off your debts, increase your savings and finally buy one of the engagement rings London. A side business does not have to be something big, you can start with something as simple as your hobby. For example, if you’re good at writing, you could become a content creator. This side hustle may later go on to become your primary occupation and source of income.


Cryptocurrency or the digital electronic currency has been gaining widespread popularity in the past few years. A lot of people have invested into this asset which has resulted in it becoming more expensive and drawing the attention of more businessmen. Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is good for people who are willing to take great risks in return for potentially higher returns.


Investing in stocks has always been a good way to use your money. Although certain sectors suffered great losses during the coronavirus pandemic, there were some who made good profit. Tech stocks and pharmaceuticals stocks are the sectors which are performing well and looking to make profits. Therefore, investing in them can be a good idea. Commodities such as agricultural products and industrial metals also appear to be a promising trade off in 2021.


You can invest in gold in several ways. You either buy gold as jewellery items, having lab grown diamonds London studded in them, or you can buy gold coins and biscuits. Another way of investing in gold is through gold mutual funds or buying paper gold which is more cost effective. Gold prices tend to appreciate over time and gold in the form of jewellery can be passed down the generations. This is the reason why, investing in gold is always a good idea.

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