7 Eco-Friendly Gifts For Your Loved ones

Gifts are a new love language. Everyone feels a bit pampered when someone surprises them with a heartfelt and thoughtful gift. So, are you looking for the right kind of gift for your loved ones? Picking a gift for your earth lover dearie can be an arduous task. Eco-friendly gifts are the latest trend in the gifting industry. More and more people are focusing on gifts that do not harm our nature in any way, as the idea of an eco-friendly gift is to be kind to our mother nature. Here we have got you a list of 7 eco-friendly gifts that are worth it.

Wooden Cutlery

Premium wooden cutlery is one of the best gifting options for environment lovers. You can buy gift sets made of bamboo wood that are 100% nature-friendly. They can resist water and heat efficiently, and above all, they are chemical-free. These cutlery sets include wooden spoons, forks, knives and much more. These products also don’t compromise on the finishings and quality. You can wash and reuse them as long as you want. They are 100% plastic-free, so that you can consider this brilliant cutlery gift set.

Copper Water Bottles

Say No to plastic bottles as they are extremely hazardous to our mother nature. Switch to 100% copper bottles instead, which are travel friendly too. Also, if you drink water from a copper bottle, it gives you numerous health benefits. Plastic bottles may look vibrant and stylish, but they are precarious. They are made of recycling material, so it is very much an eco-friendly gifting option. So, it is time to gift a copper bottle that contain essential minerals for the human body.

Beautiful Table plants

The next most trending natural gift option is a cute green indoor desk plant. Yes, you read that right. Nowadays, online gifting portals and nurseries are flooded with a plethora of indoor table plants that are suitable for homes and workplaces. You can gift a lustrous green plant to a nature lover friend of yours. They will indeed appreciate your thoughtful gift. You can choose from a wide array of indoor plants like money plants, jade plants and peace lily etc. So gift a touch of nature to your loved ones with beautiful plants. They are not only natural but also help to style your home uniquely.

Wooden cups and mugs

It is the right time to switch your plastic coffee mugs to eco-friendly wooden cups. If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone who cares about nature way too much, you must gift them a wooden coffee mug or cup. These sustainable mugs are available online on many gifting portals. You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs. You can also gift teacup sets that are composed of fine wood.

Coconut shell candles

You must have heard about high-end aromatic candles made of different aromas and fragrances. Now you can gift 100% nature-friendly candles that are built with coconut shells. Go and help save the natural resources by switching on to these environment-friendly gift options. Aromatic candles of coconut shells look antique and stylish. No need to think twice before gifting this jaw-dropping option.

Bamboo stick photo frames

We all know that photo frames are prevailing gift items. Many people love to exchange such gifts so that they can hold the memory of a particular photograph in a beautiful frame. S, now when you are switching on to eco-friendly gifts, you can replace the regular plastic photo frames with bamboo stick photo frames. These photo frames are made of 100% natural bamboo sticks. It contains no plastic. The bamboo stick photo frames look even better than those colourful plastic photo frames. So this one is also an excellent eco-friendly gift choice for your loved ones.

Organic tea pouches

If you have a tea addict friend, send them a pack of organic tea. It is healthy and free of any sort of chemical and colourants. This tea comes in packings like jute bags and pouches to avoid the usage of plastic bottles and packs. Organic tea and coffee is a thoughtful gift choice.

So, here is the complete list of eco-friendly gifts. You can choose any of them to give an overwhelming surprise to your friends and family on any occasion. Go Green.

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