7 Extremely Common Car Accident Injuries

Are you worried about getting into auto accidents?

The number of U.S. traffic fatalities had a significant increase recently. After all, some car accident injuries can get severe enough. It also happens when drivers dismiss their injuries as negligible.

If you get into a car crash, your knowledge of the most common injuries can save your life. Do you need a starting point? Read the rest of our guide and learn:

1. Bruising

Bruising can happen, regardless of the severity of the car accident. For example, colliding with another vehicle causes you to slam into your seatbelt. It saves you from life-threatening injuries, but you’ll have bruises for a few days.

The good news is these rarely require medical attention. In most cases, you’ll recover within a week or so.

2. Whiplash

A car accident often causes your body to move in various directions at breakneck speeds. If you feel pain in your neck and back after a crash, it’s whiplash. It strains your ligaments and muscles, but you’ll recover within several weeks.

3. Neck and Back Injuries

The intense force of a crash causes severe bodily damage. In some cases, your spine suffers from ruptures or herniations. They can be painful enough to limit your movement.

Consider going to the hospital if the pain remains after a week. It also applies if you suffer from chronic back problems.

4. Concussions

Hitting your head on your car components often happens in a crash. If you sustain memory problems after the collision, you might have a concussion.

Prompt treatment in an intensive care unit is critical for this head injury. It will alleviate headaches and restore your brain’s health.

5. Traumatic Brain Injuries

When sustaining these injuries, your life can change for the worse. They can impact your brain functions. It means the way you handle information and process emotions will be different.

You can recover from traumatic brain injuries. However, it will depend on the type and severity. At worst, the treatment process can span your entire life.

6. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Whenever you get into immensely stressful situations, you might develop PTSD. Sometimes, you might end up afraid of hitting the road after the accidents.

Specific sounds or images related to the collision will cause you to get a panic attack. The worst part is the nightmares and sleeping problems. Seeking medical attention from psychologists can help you return to normal.

7. Broken Bones

One of the most common fallouts of accidents is broken bones. You can experience, depending upon the impact, fractures to bones in different parts of the body. For seniors damages to the hips and waist areas are very common. In this regard, you might have to opt forĀ hip replacement surgery following the accident to ensure proper mobility and no pain.

Collision impacts often cause your bones to undergo exceeding stress. As a result, they fracture. The good news is these are rarely permanent or fatal.

However, some bone injuries require surgery. You’ll likely need a month or so of rest and recovery. If the treatment is successful, you’ll be back to normal.

Learn More Car Accident Injuries Now

These are some common car accident injuries. Regardless of their severity, never take them for granted. Seek medical assistance to ensure no underlying conditions are present.

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