A Definitive Guide on How to Increase Webinar Conversion

A webinar campaign is a must for any business as it can help you acquire high-quality leads.

Likewise, it can help your company become the thought leader in the industry, improving your branding value, too.

However, the key to achieving these goals is to drive webinar attendance rates up. Of course, the more attendees you have, the higher the conversion rates are.

The good news is you can quickly boost attendance for your upcoming webinar. It’s only a matter of following this guide on how to increase webinar conversion.

Focus on a Compelling Webinar Topic

If you want to reel in more webinar attendees, then the first thing you need to do is choose a great topic.

It’s as simple as doing any of the following:

  • Browse through your website FAQs.

What do website visitors ask you time and time again?

Apart from saving you the time and energy in answering the same query, this can help you narrow your qualified leads.

  • Check your popular content marketing posts.

Which blog post has gained a lot of cold traffic?

These are the topics that keep most of your audience engaged. As such, it serves as a great topic option for your upcoming event.

  • Try to solve your potential customer’s problems.

More often than not, a high-converting webinar solves most viewers’ problems.

So, if you want to generate more conversions, your topic should address your client’s pain points.

It’s as simple as researching the negative reviews of other companies and highlighting the perceived value of your solution.

By doing so, you can easily promote the merits of your product or service.

Make Your Webinar Useful

If your goal is only to promote your product or service, you’ll fail to increase conversions.

A hard sell doesn’t work that much anymore compared to the early days.

Nowadays, the target audience wants more than just an exciting topic. They want the live webinar to be highly educational as well. They’re going to be dedicating a good chunk of their day to the presentation, after all.

That’s why your next webinar should be teaching people, among many other things.

Fill it with information your audience members can actually use in real life. That said, it shouldn’t be too long that it sends your attendees to sleep.

Given people’s limited attention span, your webinars should only run a maximum of 60 minutes.

When creating a webinar, make sure to:

  • Dedicate the first 5-7 minutes for the introductions and the next 38-45 minutes for the content itself.
  • If your presentation is text-heavy, use bullet points along the way.
  • Dedicate 10-15 minutes to the Q&A portion.

Following these pointers will help ensure the audience is paying attention. Add to that, it will make your business more trustworthy in the eyes of your viewers.

Use the Right Webinar Software

Even if you host webinars with stellar topics, it won’t matter if you use subpar software.

That’s why you need software with automated and live event functionality. A great example of this is Stealth Seminar.

Apart from this feature, this program also offers the following services:

  • Screen share support
  • All-in-one file hosting
  • Live chat or polls

Promote the Webinar Early With a Sales Pitch

Webinar conversions don’t just happen in the flick of a finger.

If you want to increase your average webinar attendance rate, you need to promote your event well.

For starters, you can run ads on social media websites. They provide great reach since 4.5 billion people use social media right now.

You can also send promotional emails to the people on your marketing list.

When promoting your live webinars, always include a clear call to action button. You want to tell your customers what to do—to access the landing page of your webinar registrations.

Also, don’t forget to send reminder emails at least two days before your presentation. You don’t want to have no-shows because they forgot the date.

Follow Up With Your Buying Audience

A successful webinar is not just measured by the number of sign-ups. The most important metric will always be the conversion rate.

If you want your webinar marketing strategies to succeed, you should follow up with your best leads.

An easy way to do so is to send them an email after the presentation. It should detail the webinar summary or link to the video itself.

If you want to engage more customers, offer them limited-time discounts and deals. Before you know it, they’ll be signing up for your products or services!

Webinars convert well, especially if they are thoughtfully done and produced.

So when you create events in the future, remember to keep the topic interesting and the content informative. Promote them well and follow up with your audience right away.

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