Bad Hangovers: How Do You Make the Most Without Headaches?

Aussie life is full of productivity, appreciation for nature, love for sports and relishing the perks of a splendid culinary and spirits scene. No matter the fact that diverse communities and ethnicities live together here with their different ways of life, they are all connected by one common thing- having a damn good time! And that certainly means partying, of which social drinking is the heart. Whether you want to buy gin online in Australia and chill with your squad at home or head out to one of the creme de la creme spots in town for a weekend drink, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re having a fun time. And while you’re at it, why not make the most with tantalising mixes minus headaches!

To get you started, listed below are some classic fun-to-drink mixes you can pair with your spirit. And if you wake up feeling woozy in the morning, there are simple cures to rid you off of it too:


Vodka by itself doesn’t have a distinct or peculiar taste per se. So to elevate things, you’ll need nice mixes. You can mix vodka with orange juice and enjoy the classic ‘screwdriver’. You can also add a couple of other juices like cranberry, grapefruit and pineapple. If you want a fizzy-sweet taste, you can add lemonade soda to your drink. And a good ginger beer with vodka can leave you wanting more too!

If you’ve gone a little overboard with your vodka experiments from the previous night, drinking plenty of water, electrolytes, and sports drinks will do the trick.


Whiskeys are known to have a substantial depth in flavour. So it would be best if you ideally went with subtle mixes that can balance out its rich flavours. Ginger ale and whiskey are known to be a match made in heaven, as it is simple and super smooth! You can also try sweet vermouth with whiskey for a long-lasting taste. And if you’re in the mood to take things to the next level, add in some Italian amaro for a bittersweet taste. You also have the usual suspects like soda, lemonade and fizzy beverages to go along.

If you have a whiskey hangover the next morning, drink lots of water and energy drinks. Carrot and cilantro cooler is also known to cure whiskey hangovers.


There are endless possibilities with beer mixes. If you want a tangy flavour to rule your tastebuds, then you can add lemonade. Soda and apple juice also work wonders when mixed with beer, elevating the entire drinking experience. For a more bold taste, you can experiment with Campari and margarita too.

When it comes to getting rid of a beer hangover, which is also one of the most common hangovers, you can have ginger water and even kombucha along with plenty of water.


You’re all set to buy gin online in Australia, but where’s the mix? Thankfully with gin, the sky’s the limit, and you can experiment with what you wish. From pineapple juice to flavoured seltzers, lime and tonics, you can try it all. Vermouths also work well with gin, giving them a sweet-dry flavour.

And finally, if you are suffering from a gin hangover, just stick to the basics- plenty of water, good sleep, a nutritious breakfast and a piece of ginger, and you’ll be through! And once your head’s settled a bit, you can have a bowl of miso soup or bone broth to comfort your system.

Now that you’re aware of how to elevate your drinking experience go on and have a real merry time! And if a hangover does knock on your door, you know the remedy hacks as well.

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