Best Slot Amongst the Slingo Games Family 

Slingo games are incredibly popular slot types, they take the best of both slots and bingo, creating an entertaining hybrid experience – also try irish Eyes.

What is Slingo

Slingo is an incredibly popular online casino game. It is actually a hybrid of two games, slots and bingo. Although some players may doubt that these two games combine well together, the success of slingo proves otherwise. The game actually originates out of New Jersey in the United States. It first appeared in 1996, on an AOL platform. The game soon became an unexpected smash hit, with more players enjoying sling with each passing year. Slingo takes the best parts of slot gaming and combines them with the best parts of bingo, ultimately creating an incredibly enjoyable gaming experience. Slingo is actually a relatively easy game to understand, it has simple rules and can result in the player winning some decent cash prizes. It mixes 75 ball bingo with a traditional slot game. 

Why Play Slingo 

There are many reasons why people should play slingo, it is an insanely popular game for a reason. 

  1. Slingo is easy to play. Although it combines two games to form a hybrid game of sorts, slingo is relatively simple to understand. Taking place of a standard 5 x 5 grid, players must cross off numbers from the grib by spinning the slot reels. The more numbers they cross off, the closer they get to winning a game.
  2. There are an increasing number of slingo variants to keep you entertained! Standard slingo is still incredibly popular but there has been an increase in slingo variations. For example Slingo XXXtreme is geared towards offering bigger cash prizes whilst Slingo Reveal adds an hidden prizes element which is more than reminiscent of a scratch card.
  3. Ultimately, slingo is a combination of bingo and slots. If you love either of those games, then the chances are that you are going to love playing slingo. It takes the best parts of both of the games and still manages to be its own thing at the same time. 

Best Slingo Slots 

As slingo has proven to be so popular amongst players, there have been loads of slingo titles released. Many of these have proven to be excellent games. 

  •       Slingo Rainbow Riches is a fun mish mash of the incredibly popular slot series with the slingo gameplay. If you are somebody who is a fan of Rainbow Riches or Irish themed slots in general, Slingo Rainbow Riches is something which cannot be missed.
  •       Slingo Monopoly takes the classic board game and mixes it with the ever popular slingo game. Players will be impressed by the sleek graphics that this slot has, perfectly capturing the classic monopoly board. Even players who aren’t the biggest monopoly fans will find much to love in this slingo game!

In Conclusion 

Slingo is a mixture of bingo and slot gaming, it takes from both games and creates a fulfilling gaming experience for players to enjoy.

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