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Buy Cheapest Used Toyota Fortuner – Is It A Wise Choice?

The cheapest used Toyota Fortuner is always sought after by many car buyers. So why are they so popular? Please don’t wait any longer and read our article right away.


The cheapest used Toyota Fortuner cars are one of the most appreciated options in the segment of old-class 7-seater mid-size ones next to other models such as Hyundai Santa Fe or Ford Everest. You can refer to the list in this article for a detailed look at this popular car line.

Moreover, you can also check the specifications of these used Toyota Fortuner for sale from the website of

The Cheapest Used Toyota Fortuner 

2010 G

The 2010 Fortuner is considered the first generation of the Toyota Fortuner. At that time, Toyota’s “trump card” quickly succeeded in the Southeast Asian market.

According to the diesel engine Fortuner 2010, the machine has an overall length of 4695 x 1840 x 185mm, and a wheelbase of 2750mm. It has a strong design style of a typical SUV, with a large body and high ground clearance.

The front light cluster is big and round, slightly stroked to the sides. This product is the highlight that makes this product more impressive. Although only equipped with Halogen headlights, at the time, this was a suitable design ten years ago and still appreciated.

The bodywork is completed from embossed lines that are quite strong and personal. Many people still like this powerful and dynamic design of Fortuner 2010.

Evaluation of the Fortuner 2010 diesel engine in terms of the interior shows that the interior is somewhat outdated compared to the present time.

Fortuner 2010 diesel version is equipped with a 22.5L DOHC dual cam engine, 101Hp capacity, and VVT-i intelligent variable valve technology. This dynamic block brings maximum power of 158 horsepower at 5200 rpm and maximum torque of 246 Nm at 3800 rpm.

An old 2010 version G will cost about P720,000. Although appearing quite late in the Philippines, Fortuner 2010 made a big deal when it received a positive response from domestic users.

The Cheapest Used Toyota Fortuner 

2019 V 2.4 A/T

The diesel 2019 uses oil fuel (diesel) to operate; it does not have spark plugs. The engine runs pretty smoothly thanks to compressing the mixture of fuel and air inside the cylinder.

This automobile operates strongly on all terrain surfaces: Those who like adventure and adventure should choose the diesel engine. Even with complicated conditions such as slopes, flooded roads, and subsidence, the diesel engine is still within the ability to handle.

It is also exceptionally fuel efficient. Oil prices in the Philippines are always stable and lower than gasoline prices. Besides, diesel engine vehicles also consume less fuel. As a result, users can save a considerable amount of money.

The product’s performance is especially durable and stands the test of time: Diesel engines must operate under high-pressure conditions. Therefore, spare parts and equipment are always protected to the maximum. In addition, the advantages are simple structure and low maintenance cost.

The seller offers the second-hand Toyota Fortuner for sale in this version for a price of P1,255,000.

2019 V 2.4

2016 2.4 V DIESEL 4X2 AT 

Right from the time it was introduced at the end of 2015, the 2016 model has also partly created a highlight for users thanks to many changes and upgrades.

This model is also considered to have many advantages when competing with its direct competitor, Ford Everest.

However, Toyota has not yet overcome the disadvantages of thin exterior paint and thin copper truss, making the machine quite “fragile”, easily scratched, and easily dented even with light collisions.

The oil assist and the 265/65 tire system have eliminated almost the entire feeling of the road surface, so when driving the car, it will feel extremely light and smooth. In addition, the suspension of the 2016 version is quite solid, though.

Although there are still many disadvantages, buying this item is always one of the brightest nominations for owners. The reason is that this model has an absolute advantage in durability.

It also can keep a good price, repair fees are very low, and it is easy to find a warranty place.

Therefore, the 2016 version is especially suitable for customers who need to use a car for their family, business, or service. Users only need to spend from P1,250,000 to own an old 2016 one.


The 2018 Fortuner is not a bad choice in the current used car market if customers accept some inherent disadvantages of this machine.

It is the mid-life update of the 2nd generation of the popular SUV from Japan. The equipment is not much different from the 2016 and 2017 models, except for the removal and addition of certain versions.

In the body, the 2018 car follows a floating roof design with black B and C columns. Therefore, the third row of seats will have a clear view of the outside of the car, not cramped like some other 7-seater models. On the body, there are embossed ribs that increase the bunker.

The door handles are luxuriously chrome plated, while the rearview mirror is the same color as the body. Notably, the wheel arches are quite large to increase the vehicle’s off-road ability.

In addition, it retains the second generation’s design, which has received many compliments. At the front of the car is a small chrome-plated three-leaf grille with a large Toyota logo in the middle.

The product in 2018 is not a richly equipped car reflected in the interior. The instrument cluster on the car is still analog, not electronic, like its competitors. The 7-inch display screen is quite small, only supporting Bluetooth communication.

The current price is quite inexpensive, about P850,000. If you need an old 7-seater SUV with a good price, durable, and just enough equipment, the 2018 version is the first choice for customers.

Things To Do When Buying A Used Fortuner Car

When checking the old one, it is necessary to check the transmission system, look through the transmission engine, see if the lubricating oil is leaking, and if the planetary bearings have problems with the lubricating oil or not.

There’s no better way to test the steering than by driving it and feeling it. You should test drive the vehicle and let the car go forward, backward, turn left, and turn right to check if the steering wheel is even. That helps you know if the car is still working well or not.

Never underestimate brake testing when buying a used vehicle. You should test the brakes in various road conditions and weather to ensure the brake assist system, brake pads, and discs are all up to standard.

After checking the vehicle, buyers need to check the documents following the vehicle. Buyers need to know if the car is still under warranty at the company, how long it was last registered, how many times the car has been regularly maintained, and insurance-related documents.


Offering both diesel engine options and gasoline engines, durable operation, and good price, the cheapest used Toyota Fortuner cars are still a reasonable and safe choice if you have studied carefully and know how to choose and consider each car model.

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