Can Natural Carbon 60 Help to Effectively Prevent And Relieve Arthritis?

C60 is a spherical molecule composed of 60 atoms. Firstly, it has been used in nanotechnology, afterward tested on animals. Its therapeutic properties, especially antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics make it attractive.

Let’s just split the topic and treat it step by step.


  • What Are the Main Causes of Arthritis?
  • How C60 stops the Growth of Arthritic Cells
  • Why Consider C60 as an Alternative Solution to Pain Management
  • How to Take the Carbon C60 for Arthritis?
  • What Changes You Will See After Taking C60 in Avocado Oil

What Are the Main Causes of Arthritis?

Arthritis is joint inflammation, a rheumatic state, and disorder. Even though we define it easily as an “inflammation”, arthritis has, in reality, nearly 200 different representations and forms. It affects the tissues around the joints. There are several causes of arthritis, such as:

  • injury
  • inheritance
  • poor immune system
  • inflammation

On the one hand, there is a genetic factor, meaning that some of us are more susceptive to having arthritis than others. On the other hand, wrong nutrition can be a cause of this disorder.

High levels of uric acid cause a type of arthritis called Gout. There are some risk factors to develop arthritis such as age, gender, or genetics.

How C60 Stops the Growth of Arthritic Cells

Arthritis is a process when the immune cells assault joint tissues causing mobility limitations, pain, and a decrease in flexibility. International Journal of Nanomedicine claims that recent studies have shown that :

Intra-articular treatment with C60 in vivo reduced synovitis and alleviated bone resorption and destruction in the joints, while control ankle joints showed progression of synovitis and joint destruction with time. These findings indicate that C60 is a potential therapeutic agent for the inhibition of arthritis. (IJN)

Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, C60 can reduce the growth of arthritic cells. It consumes free radicals and regenerates new ones. Studies start considering C60 as potential pharmacological support for arthritis.

Why Consider C60 as an Alternative Solution to Pain Management

Carbon 60 is the strongest antioxidant discovered in 1985. It has, among other properties, pain-relieving characteristics. C60 is not a direct pain reliever, however, reducing inflammation helps to decline pain.

There is a doubt as why to use carbon 60 as an alternative solution to pain management.

The answer is argumentative: by using C60 you reduce the cause of the pain and relieve it most effectively. There are many combinations of C60 components: C60 in olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil. Studies have shown that avocado oil and arthritis are connected, as it can help relieve the inflammation without side effects like decreased immune function. Use some avocado oil, and arthritis symptoms will decrease gradually. Different flavors are offered in the market to adapt to your taste. Choose the one you like more and make sure it is of high quality.

How to Take the Carbon C60 for Arthritis?

As you will notice Carbon 60 is mostly offered in the form of oil solutions. The reason is that it cannot be dissolved in water. There is a wide variety of C60 oils:

  • C60 containing organic olive oil
  • coconut flavored oil
  • avocado oil
  • pumpkin seed oil
  • camelina oil
  • hemp seed oil
  • black seed oil

You can take it directly with a spoon starting with a low dosage or you can add it to a juice if you like it better.

What Changes You Will See After Taking C60 Oil

C60 is claimed to promote longevity as a long-term effect. By longevity, we should understand not only life duration but also the quality of life.  As a short-term effect, after taking C60 oil you will feel pain relief especially in the case of osteoarthritis. The energy boost is another effect that many consumers claim. Enhancement of athletic performance, skin health, and protection of UV rays are some other properties that you can experience by using C60 oil.


The benefits of using C60 are being claimed every day by users. New investigations are being held around this natural component. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make it attractive for arthritis prevention and symptom-relieving.

It is very easy to use C60 oils and no important side effect has been claimed yet. Make sure to buy high-quality C60 based oils and start from a lower dosage. You are always on time to increase the amount of C60.

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