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How to get your Premium Car Service in Mumbai for the lowest prices?

Years ago, one would find it a rare sight to spot a luxury car on the road, but over time, as people’s spending power increased, you can see a lot more BMWs and Audis on the road these days. The increase in people’s standard of living with access to loans and EMI options has brought in a lot more SUVs and luxury sedans on the road. Luxury car maintenance can be an expensive affair, and one needs to be very cautious while deciding on a workshop for the same.

Luxury Cars cost more to maintain because they have a smaller batch size and because the technology they use is much advanced and cannot be fixed by the roadside mechanics. In addition, luxury cars use higher-grade materials thus which adds to the cost of the overall service and repairs.

For your specific example, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz, these cars by and large are manufactured in Germany. These OEMs have some of the highest labor costs in the automotive world. Furthermore, some of the more expensive manufacturing processes are on these high-end vehicles, which in turn costs more to repair (part cost, disassembly, etc.).

Designed for performance

Most mass-produced cars take repair into account. For a Porsche you have to drop the engine to repair it, vs. Honda uses almost all 10mm bolts for quick disassembly/assembly.

Tips for finding a Luxury Car Service Center

One has to spend a bomb already while buying a luxury car, and hence it’s equally important to also take into account the costs for the servicing and repairs. Be it a primary job such as changing the engine oil or the brake pads or more complex issues, and one needs to be sure about choosing the right car service center.

Expertise and Knowledge

If you own a BMW, but your car mechanic specializes in AUDI cars, it’s not going to make any sense because you might end up harming your vehicle and its life. Please make sure that you always choose a workshop specializing in the brand you own.

Ask Friends and Family

Always refer to people in your circle who own luxury cars and get the work done for their vehicles. Their experience will always come in handy for your car, and it will always work in your favor.


Don’t just rely on a single quotation from a single workshop. Ask multiple workshops for their quotations and compare them and check for which one is most cost-effective as well as their quality of work.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Most luxury cars require advanced infrastructure and equipment to make sure that their running doesn’t get affected and all the checkpoints in the car have been addressed effectively.

Most owners don’t know much about their car, and that is where the most significant problem lies. One must learn the basics about the vehicle and brand they own and the overall costs for most essential jobs in the car. That always helps to choose the suitable workshop because you’re in the know-how of the business and economics of the luxury car segment. You can permanently save money in the long term by not ignoring minor fixes that can be dealt with early on. Most engine issues or ac issues shouldn’t be ignored because they will become a different problem over time, and that would be expensive to fix later on at the car service center. The interior of the car is something that can get worn out. You can always upgrade the interiors like the seat covers and car mats in an economical package to make sure that your car is in the best condition always. Also, this ensures that your vehicle can get a high resale value in the future should you decide to sell it.

Make sure that you keep in mind all of the above while taking care of your Premium car and should there be an issue, you have all the resources now to make the right decision while deciding on a car service center for getting your car serviced or repaired.

Maintaining a premium car does seem like a difficult task but if you are prepared and follow the points mentioned, you will be able to drive your luxury car without any headaches and increase the life of your car as well.

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