Celtic symbol jewelry for newlyweds

Many newlyweds today choose jewelry with Celtic patterns. However, there are also couples who do not want to exchange traditional wedding rings. An alternative solution is a wedding tattoo. A similar way of declaring love appeared thanks to world movie and music stars. The most popular images are celtic symbols, which carry a deep meaning.

The magic of celtic symbols

Since ancient times, the Celts have created jewelry with different patterns, shapes, ornaments. These complex and incomprehensible interweaving were evidence of a long search for truth on the part of man. Such products are powerful amulets that are able to protect their owner from evil spirits, diseases, greed and envy. At the same time, amulets helped in creating a strong and indestructible family, supported their owner in a difficult period, and also gave a person endless love in a relationship with his other half.

A certain meaning was put into each invention. Therefore, the choice of the amulet was made depending on their goals. Many interesting and unique Celtic signs have survived to our times. They still carry deep meaning and are able to protect against negative manifestations. Each patterned weave has its own meaning. It is for him that you need to choose a talisman.

Fashion for jewelry with celtic patterns

In the modern world, jewelry with different Celtic patterns and weaves is of increasing interest. These can be bracelets, pendants, medallions, earrings, rings and rings for women and men. The increased demand for such inventions is due not only to the beauty of the ornaments, but also to their value. Informed people know that the Celts put a certain meaning in each decoration, endowed it with magical powers. Modern products are created by analogy with ancient amulets. Therefore, everyone can choose the right amulet for themselves.

Jewelry for the bride and groom

Jewelry or jewelry can be made based on Celtic symbols. According to Aleksei Titov, rings with original patterns have been very popular in recent years. These are jewelry with Celtic symbols. They are often ordered by newlyweds. The choice of such rings is not accidental, since they have their own significance for the bride and groom:

  1. The Claddagh Ring is a traditional Irish jewelry. It is given to newlyweds as a sign of strong friendship and long-term love. The ring contains a detail in the shape of a heart – a symbol of love, and above it a crown – a sign of loyalty, devotion to the family, homeland. On both sides, the heart is supported by a pair of hands – a sign of protection and solidarity.
  2. The sailor’s knot is the personification of true love. The symbol is presented on the ring in the form of a luxurious knot. Celtic women wore such jewelry as a sign of loyalty and love to their sailors.
  3. Griffin is a sign of nobility, balance and loyalty. Usually it is a medallion or pendant with the image of the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. Jewelry is often chosen by grooms. This is due to the strength of the king of beasts and the rapid flights of the eagle.

Recently, brides and grooms have been using Celtic logos to tattoo their ring finger. According to Aleksei Titov, this means the choice of a better fate, eternal love, devotion to each other. Beautiful patterns instead of rings look original and stay with their owner for life. Celtic symbolism with complex weaves and signs has magical powers. Therefore, the newlyweds are confident that with such a tattoo they will be able to overcome any troubles in life.

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