Comparing The Capabilities of vs. Conversica

Creating an efficient lead qualification process is a challenge that all growing businesses face. How can businesses capture leads and convert them into sales without overwhelming their sales and marketing teams? Tasks like reaching out to leads and scheduling interviews with them are important and unavoidable, but they usually take a lot of time and resources. Thankfully, and Conversica, along with other AI sales assistants, have been developed to address these business problems.

It is difficult to operate businesses with traditional lead scoring systems. Qualified leads can end up feeling neglected and abandon the conversation altogether. According to a recent study, 74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their top priority. If growing businesses want to make sure that high-quality leads aren’t slipping through the cracks, they need to work with tools that shoulder the burden of menial, repetitive tasks.

Modern businesses have been utilizing AI sales assistants to help them capture and nurture more leads. These assistants have many capabilities that can work in tandem with existing sales and marketing teams. They have the ability to qualify leads and schedule them for calls with sales reps. They can answer frequently asked questions and hold natural conversations with prospects. Automating the monotonous tasks required in a sales cycle can help your teams invest their time in more important tasks.

Today we will examine two AI sales assistant products: and Conversica. Though they are both trying to help businesses improve their lead qualification processes, they have different functionalities that may be appropriate for some and unnecessary for others. By comparing the capabilities, you will be able to make an informed decision on which product is the right one for your business. vs. Conversica

What Are Their Features? and Conversica both offer AI-powered email assistants that are able to learn and improve through machine learning. They are programmed with natural language processing, which allows them to refine their conversational approaches over time without much human intervention. They are able to respond to questions and ask clarifying questions to better qualify leads. According to a study, business leaders saw an average increase of 67% in sales after they implemented chatbots.

Engaging Chatbot and SMS Capabilities

Both and Conversica offer website chatbots and SMS functionalities. Conversica’s chatbot engaged with prospects by using traditional button options or preset text, guiding them to take specific, desired actions. At the moment, it does not have the ability to respond outside its programmed sequences, which gives it a rigid feel. With 22% of users believing that chatbots lack a personal touch, it is crucial that website chatbots have the ability to engage with people in a natural way.’s chatbot had the upper hand in website chatbot capabilities. It was able to engage with initial prospects, ask questions to see if they could be considered qualified leads, and schedule meetings with sales reps. From the prospect’s perspective, they will never feel as if they are being driven to take a desired action. They will instead feel as if they are engaging with a live rep who can answer questions and help them find information on the product or service they are looking into. With the chatbot engaging leads at any time, any day, qualified leads will no longer be neglected and they will all have the chance to speak with sales reps.

Scheduling Meetings and Handing Off To Sales Reps

If you’re looking to improve closing rates, the transition from the AI sales assistant to the sales team needs to be seamless. offers built-in scheduling tools, allowing your sales team to familiarize themselves with one tool and navigate their meetings with leads easily. Conversica offers the possibility of scheduling meetings with leads by integrating third-party tools, but this could potentially be confusing for both the lead and the sales team. The more tools there are to learn and navigate, the more potential there is for perplexity and disorder, which is bound to scare the lead away.

Creative Customized Emails

According to a recent study, 74% of marketers said that targeted messages and personalization of emails improves customer engagement rates. In today’s world, generic emails are treated as spam and left unread. People don’t want to feel like they’re just a means to an end – they want to be seen, heard, and cared for. Companies can help them feel this way by personalizing emails to cater to various kinds of people.

However, not all companies necessarily need the ability to customize their emails. If your customers don’t necessarily care for personalization and the sales cycle is fairly short, Conversica may provide you with what you’re looking for. They provide standard email templates and have limited offerings when it comes to customizing your email copy.

If your customers are looking for customized and personalized emails, can help provide a solution. Exceed’s email assistant gives you the ability to qualify leads through questions, gives you access to custom playbooks, and seamlessly integrates with the chatbot. If your leads are out of office, Exceed has the ability to create follow-ups for them to continue the conversation further down the line. With Exceed’s flexibility, you can harness your creative powers and experiment different ways to connect with your customers.

Conclusion and Conversica both exist to help businesses improve their lead qualification processes. They do, however, provide different functionalities, and it is important that you study the capabilities and limitations of each tool to decide which one is right for you. If you work with leads who do not care about personalization or need significant nurturing and consideration to convert, Conversica may be a fine solution. If you want to utilize a powerful website chatbot that can nurture leads and schedule meetings, and you have a need for flexible and powerful email customization capabilities, you can expect to provide such solutions.

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