Cost-Effective vs Better Results – Which one is more worth it in the end?

Cold therapy units are beneficial for pain relief and muscle recovery. It is a practical tool for anyone who works their muscles hard or plays sports, as it is one of the best treatments for muscle strains and helps relieve pains and aches in all body parts. The road to recovery can be long and painful – often taking weeks. It’s at that time when you need to consider investing in a superior game ready ice machine cold therapy unit. Here are the reasons you should consider better results over cost-effectiveness when buying a cold therapy unit!

More Effective Analgesic Properties.

Applying ice to a body part can provide therapeutic benefits, but only if kept in place for a sufficient time. For example, applying ice to a sprained ankle and then immediately removing it will significantly reduce its analgesic properties. A pricier game ready ice machine cold therapy unit allows you to keep the unit in place for an extended period, thus increasing its therapeutic benefits. Some patients use these units to treat chronic pain conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. The therapeutic effects of the game ready ice machine can also help you after suffering chronic training injuries after your daily workout.

Game-ready ice machines relieve pain in less time

More expensive units are great for those looking for quick relief from acute pain or recovering from an injury. The cold therapy stimulates blood flow to the injured area and helps reduce swelling, which reduces the amount of time it takes for the pain to subside. Enhance your patient’s natural healing abilities with the pricier game ready ice machine. It integrates certified compression and cold therapies in an avant-garde treatment system that sets ground-breaking levels of care in postoperative recovery and injury.

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They are easy to operate

Have more control at your disposal with the revolutionary game ready ice machine that gives you more information compared to traditional units. With this new gizmo, you can easily monitor and adjust temperature, pressure and time with the touch of a button or turn of a dial. With these features, you have more control over treatments. The gadget also comes with accessories such as a rechargeable battery and carry bag to increase portability and convenience for treatments on the go.

They increase patient satisfaction

More expensive game ready ice machine cold therapy units are more comfortable for the patient. The pricier units have more padding, so they are more comfortable and pleasing to the eye. They also offer a faster recovery time and generally have a higher quality of construction than the cheaper units. This is why they can charge more money for their services. The patients know that they will be getting a better product and experience when they go with the more expensive option


So the most expensive cold therapy unit may not be the right choice for everyone. However, some benefits make it worthwhile to have a more expensive unit on your side while you heal. You should look at all of your options based on your needs and budget before making a final decision!

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