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Cybersecurity Risks to Be Aware of in 2022

Did you know that over 75% of targeted cyberattacks begin with an email? Simply opening your Outlook or Gmail app could end in disaster. As the world becomes more connected to the internet, cybersecurity risks are on the rise.

How do you protect your private and business information from the thousands of attempted cyber attacks each day? You do it by knowing what you’re up against.

Keep reading for the top cybersecurity risks to be aware of this year so that you can know how to protect yourself.

Phishing Scams

Phishing attacks are not a new cybersecurity risk, but they are more prevalent than ever in 2022. The age-old scam is a social engineering attack that targets login details and credit card information.

These attacks are becoming more common and work by persuading a user to disclose private information. This allows hackers to access social media profiles, private documents, banking apps, and more.

Any platform, app, or file that requires personal data to view or enter is at risk of a phishing attack.

Cloud Attacks

Many businesses and individuals use cloud storage to store data. This is a convenient and effective new-age technology that has transformed data storage as we know it. Unfortunately, it has also created new avenues for cyber attacks.

Cloud vulnerabilities have increased exponentially within the last few years. Cloud breaches tend to occur when there is no adequate encryption or authentication on the Cloud setups.

What’s more, when more than one person has access to cloud storage, there is a risk of cross-cloud attacks. Multi-factor authentication, complex passwords, and proper encryption are vital to keeping your data safe.


Ransomware attacks can be a financial disaster for a business or individual. As the name suggests, hackers use a form of malware on the user’s files and then demand ransom to unencrypt them.

Ransomware payouts are often huge, leaving small businesses crippled by cyber attacks. Ransomware often spreads through emails, similar to phishing attacks, in the form of Microsoft Office files.

Proper cybersecurity risk management and employee training are imperative to prevent ransomware attacks. If you’re looking for a cybersecurity risk assessment and solution, check out

Internet of Things Attacks

The age of the internet of things (IoT) brings with it a whole lot of new cybersecurity risk factors. IoT refers to physical devices that are connected to the internet and to each other.

Think of smart homes, where a single online hub controls various aspects such as light switches, blinds, or televisions. This allows a homeowner to control household functions remotely.

However, the IoT is vulnerable to nefarious data threats, and as more devices go online, more cyber attacks happen.

Protect Yourself Against Cybersecurity Risks

Cybersecurity risks are only set to increase as we become more dependent and connected to the internet. Understanding the most common threats will help you to identify an attempted attack and protect yourself and your business.

If you’re a business-savvy individual or just curious about tech, then keep exploring our site. We have a wealth of interesting content just like this!

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