Different Ways to Inhale Your Cannabis

In recent years, Marijuana use has steadily been on the rise. People of different age demographics are using it for medical as well as recreational purposes. There are many ways to consume your marijuana, including edibles, drinks and tinctures. However, of all these methods smoking is by far the most popular. Many people consider inhalation as the most efficient delivery method. Cannabis has been legalized in countries such as Canada and at state level in several U.S states. Here are different ways that you can take inhale your marijuana.


  • Blunts

These are similar to another type of inhalants known as joints. The difference is that they are rolled using cigar papers instead of the regular weed rolling papers. Moreover, blunts are thicker, meaning that they do contain more cannabis. If you want a more robust option to the smaller joints, you can opt to smoke blunts.

To provide you with high quality-weed, many growers go with scrogging cannabis plants during the cultivation process. Many veteran smokers prefer blunts. That is because apart from being popularized by celebrities, they elicit the old-school feel of enjoying a good old smoke with friends.

  • Joints

These are probably the most popular inhalants. This method has also been used for decades. Sometimes users who also like to smoke tobacco mix it with their marijuana to get a more enhanced high from their joints. Even if you don’t mix it with anything, you will feel the effects of your joint almost instantly.

  • Bongs

These are the star of cannabis paraphernalia. Bongs are available in several sizes, shapes, and they are always beautiful or fascinating. Some weed enthusiasts don’t even know how to smoke from their bongs but prefer to use them as decorations for their living spaces. One bong that is popular among smokers is the gravity bong.

This contraption utilizes gravity to push the marijuana smoke into a holding chamber so that you can inhale it at your leisure. Making such bongs requires some level of expertise, but it is a potent way to take your weed.


This means of taking weed has many similarities with smoking. However, the difference is that vaping involves heating rather than burning marijuana. It makes vapes an excellent alternative to try out, mainly because they get rid of the potential lung and throat pains that you might sometimes get due to exposure to the burned organic matter and heat. Vaporizers are also called vape pens or vapes, and they come in several sizes and shapes.

A popular one is the volcano which was there even before legalization began in the US. It is also big and quite costly, meaning that you will have to be very enthusiastic and patient to get your hands on one of these beauties.

Since legalization, vapes have been advanced, and now the average one is miniature. They are also more affordable now and have become very popular among the younger crowd. More people also choose vape pens as they can easily fit into your pocket, making them convenient. Vaporizers are also preferred because, unlike joints, they don’t leave behind any lingering smell. You can also use oils that have high percentages of THC for your vaporizer.

Marijuana is slowly becoming an alternative solution for people seeking to have a good time or manage their illnesses. This article effectively explains how each of these methods works.

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