Everything You Need To Know To Get Rid Of Black Widow Spiders

Most people have heard of the black widow spider. It’s one that strikes fear in hearts thanks to the power of its venom and the fact it eats its mate. It is worth noting that this isn’t always the case, although black widows sometimes eat their mates, this isn’t always the case. But, the Black Widow is a solitary creature.

The Power Of their Venom

It’s estimated that the venom offered by this spider is 15 times more powerful than that of a rattlesnake. However, the Black Widow is considerably smaller than a rattlesnake. That means, while a dose of its venom can cause cramping, muscle ache, and difficulty breathing, it’s only really dangerous to the very young and the elderly.

Although they are not excessively dangerous and the anti-venom does exist, it’s still preferable to get rid of the Black Widow if you find it at home.

Call The Professionals

When dealing with a venomous spider the sensible approach is to contact your local pest control specialist. You can find out more here. They will have the right tools and experience to either kill the spider or relocate it.

This decision is likely to relate to local guidelines but isn’t something for you to worry about.

Use Aromas

Like many pests, the Black Widow is not a fan of strong aromas. If you mix 3-5 drops of essential oil with a cup of water and a few drops of dish soap, you’ll have a concoction that displeases your spider friend.

Put it in a spray bottle and spray it across your home in all the locations where a spider may go.

It’s important to do this before you spray near the nest, you want the Black Widow to leave the house not change spots.

Don’t spray this directly on the spider unless you want to antagonize it.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a mild acid but it is powerful enough to burn a spider. The best approach is to mix a cup of vinegar with a cup of water in a spray bottle. You can then spray the egg sac of the Black Widow and even spray the spider itself. The vinegar will react quickly and kill the spider.

Clean Often

Like many spiders, Black Widows create webs that attract food. That means, you can eliminate the spider simply by vacuuming any web you see in the house. This deprives them of their ability to catch food. They will either leave or die of hunger.

Don’t forget that a Black Widow doesn’t leave their nest often. That means vacuum from a distance and safely discard the contents to ensure, if you’ve accidentally vacuumed up the Black Widow, it is properly disposed of.


You can visit your local store and get pesticides that will kill the Black Widow. However, you should note that these can also damage the environment and other beneficial pests. If this is your preferred route, proceed with caution.

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