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Fascinating Facts About Front Doors

Front doors serve as a front line of defence for our homes, providing security and privacy. But did you know that front doors have a rich history and cultural significance? Here are some fascinating facts about front doors.

Fact #1:

  1. The oldest known front door still in existence dates back to 7,000 BCE and was discovered in the ancient city of Catalhoyuk in present-day Turkey.

Fact #2:

  1. The largest front door in the world can be found at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, measuring a whopping 21 feet tall and 41 feet wide.

Fact #3:

  1. The ancient Egyptians believed that a god named Khonsu was in charge of front doors, protecting against evil spirits and granting access to the afterlife.

Fact #4:

  1. The phrase “closed door meeting,” meaning a private or confidential gathering, originated in the 1800s when politicians would hold secret discussions behind closed doors.

Fact #5:

  1. The term “knock on wood,” used for good luck, dates back to the pagan practice of touching or knocking on a piece of wood to appease tree spirits.

Fact #6:

  1. The word “door” comes from the Proto-Indo-European root *dhwer-, meaning “to do (or make) a door.”

Fact #7:

  1. The front door is often seen as a symbol of hospitality, with the saying “a open front door welcomes friends” originating in 17th century England.

Fact #8:

  1. In Feng Shui, the front door is considered the “mouth of chi,” or life force energy, and its placement can greatly affect the flow of energy in a home.

Fact #9:

  1. Front doors can be symbolic of new beginnings, with the phrase “a new door opens” first appearing in English literature in the 1600s.

Fact #10:

  1. The front door is often a focal point for decorating, with wreaths and front mats being popular choices for adding personal touches to the entryway.

Fact #11:

  1. The front door has also been used in a metaphorical sense, with the expression “closing the barn door after the horse has escaped” referring to taking action too late.

Fact #12:

  1. In some cultures, front doors are painted bright colours to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

Fact #13:

  1. In traditional Chinese architecture, front doors were placed on the south side of a home for optimal energy flow.

Bonus fact:

Front doors in medieval castles had a small hole, known as a “garderobe,” used as a toilet. This is where the modern term “lavatory” comes from.

To conclude, doors are an important part of any home. For more information on front doors, and to browse new front door options, check out Valeanto’s Iron doors.

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